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Why Is My Business Number Blocked on WhatsApp?


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Why is my business number blocked on WhatsApp?

Blocked phone numbers are usually a consequence of a WhatsApp Business Profile getting reported or blocked by users often and/or a large amount of opt-outs.

    Prior to a phone number being blocked, it can be flagged or restricted, due to a poor Quality Rating.

    Your WhatsApp business account Quality Rating shows the message quality your customers received in past 24 hours. In case you don’t know what’s your current Quality Rating is, inquire at support@tyntec.com.

    You can easily avoid this – as well as being banned from WhatsApp altogether – by sticking to a few guidelines:

    Notify, not spammify

    There’s a fine line between sending notifications and spamming the user. It may not even be intentional on the company’s side, but users may perceive it differently if they receive multiple notifications in a matter of hours. The best practice is simply: only notify when requested.

    When WhatsApp gets signs of bulk messaging, for instance, the chance of blocking a business number is high. WhatsApp blocks two million accounts every month due to automated behavior.

    Craft your messages carefully

    When you send a poorly written message, your user will perceive it as spam. Make sure you create a guideline for your agents and quick replies that can be easily used in different scenarios.

    Answer your users timely

    It’s no use offering WhatsApp if the company does not have the manpower (or chatbots) to handle it. When the response times do not meet customer expectations, it’s likely users will junk the business account.

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