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Does tyntec Provide an ISV Program for WhatsApp Business API?


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Does tyntec provide an ISV program for WhatsApp Business API?

Yes, we do. With tyntec, you can become an ISV partner and integrate WhatsApp Business into your product portfolio.

In order to be eligible, we request potential ISV partners like you to provide us an overview of your solution and your WhatsApp plans, e.g. how will your solution make use of WhatsApp? Do you already have a pipeline of customers for WhatsApp or is it still for future plans?

    How to become a WhatsApp ISV

    In case you wish to integrate WhatsApp into your product portfolio but lack interested customers, we suggest that you start by creating your own WhatsApp Business Profile via tyntec first and use it as a way to demo the product to your clients. To do so, simply create your tyntec account to get started.


    Once you have at least one client that is committed to starting a WhatsApp business account, we can:


      • Sign a partnership agreement between ISV and tyntec


      • Sign Facebook Addendum


      • Submit all WhatsApp business accounts to Facebook.


    After these administrative tasks have been performed, we can start onboarding your customers accordingly.


    Please keep in mind that you cannot simply resell WhatsApp to other ISVs, e.g. system integrators, contact center or CRM systems, etc. This is strictly forbidden by WhatsApp.

    ℹ️ Alternatively, in case you prefer to refer your clients instead of becoming an ISV, this is also possible with tyntec. In that case, your clients will start the account directly with tyntec and be billed directly by us. They will simply share with you the API key you need to integrate them into your system.

    ✉️ In case you have any further questions or want to apply for the ISV partnership, get in touch here.