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How Does the Onboarding for My Clients Look Like?


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How does the onboarding for my clients look like?

The WhatsApp setup process is standard and would apply to your customers – enterprises directly connected to tyntec or via an ISV.


In both cases, we need to collect basic information including the company name, business description, logo URL, etc., in order to set up the account.


To simplify the WhatsApp setup for ISV clients, however, we removed some of the information for the setup (such as Brand in Review, Display name in review), enabling ISVs to update this later via the Profile API or via your tyntec account.


Here’s an overview of the onboarding process for ISV clients:


First, you have to add information about your client in your dedicated ISV spreadsheet:

  • Facebook Business Manager ID: this is how to find it.
  • Legal Entity Name
  • WABA Name: this is the name that will be shown in your WhatsApp Business Account.
  • Phone Number (in international format): you can choose a mobile, landline or toll free number.
  • Adding new phone number to an existing WABA? (yes/no)
  • Activation method (SMS, voice or IVR): please choose how the verification code should be delivered.
  • API account (for ex. comany1cpaas): In your Business Center account you can generate an API accounts unique to each of your WABAs.

Step 1: accept ‘approve on behalf’ notification

Once you have completed your client’s information on your ISV spreadsheet, we will start the WhatsApp setup.

This will trigger a notification on your client’s Facebook Business Manager to approve tyntec on your Facebook Business Manager. Your client will have to access the Facebook Business Manager and accept that notification in order to proceed.

Step 2: business verification

The next step (status business verification required) is to complete the Verification Process for their Business.

In this step, Facebook/WhatsApp look at authenticity (is the business legally registered?) and association (does the person requesting verification work for the business?).

Once these steps have been completed, Facebook/WhatsApp will verify the brand (status Brand in review) and the display name (status display name verification). At this stage, there’s no action needed from you or your client here.

Step 3: Phone verification

When both have been approved (status Ready for activation) we can trigger the verification code to your number (status Code sent out).

Verification code should be sent to support@tyntec.com. If the phone number is not SMS enabled, you would need to setup a time when the verification call is made. If the phone number is behind an IVR, please get in touch with the WhatsApp Team to request sender IDs as you would need to setup IVR deflection for the activation.

Finally, after the code is sent back to us, the WhatsApp Business Profile is provisioned and ready to be used (status: Registered).