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How Is My WhatsApp Business Profile Billed?


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How is my WhatsApp Business Profile billed?

Once your WhatsApp Business Profile has been configured, you will receive a payment notification with more information. We charge only when:

  • Your WhatsApp Business Profile is setup
  • Once you send your first message.

ℹ️ Note: In case you don’t send any traffic during a given month, you won’t be charged. At the same time, if you send a small number of messages, the monthly fee is due.

Important to know

  • Your WhatsApp Business Profile is not a sandbox or a testing phase. This is a live account. That means even if you’re using your WhatsApp in a pilot project, the monthly and message fees are applicable.
  • Your monthly fee is due upon sending your first message. Once we register your first message, we start charging your monthly fee and any message fees.
  • By the 10th day of the month we send you an invoice for charges related to the previous month, which includes your monthly fee and your message fees.
  • We do not charge the monthly fee proportionally to weeks or days. If you start or cancel your account in, say, middle of the month, the monthly fee is applicable for the entire month. We do not offer any reimbursements.

✉️ Tip: If you don’t want to be charged due to incoming messages, please inform us accordingly at support@tyntec.com, so we can disconnect (not delete!) your account. That means you will not receive any messages either.