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What Is Checked in the Business Verification Phase?


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What is checked in the Business Verification phase?

In this step, Facebook/WhatsApp look at authenticity (is the business legally registered?) and association (does the person requesting verification work for the business?).



    How Facebook/WhatsApp verifies Authenticity

    • Auto-approval: look up in the third-party database
    • Manual review of submitted documents
    • Manual review: Facebook looks for an exact match between the following information provided in Business Manager and through accepted documents, such as:
      • Legal name of business
      • Address or business phone number
        A document for address or phone number verification must also contain the legal name of the business

    How Facebook/WhatsApp verifies Association

    • How we verify with OTP
      • Phone number (voice or SMS): Must match the phone number provided in Business Manager. In this case, the document used to check business authenticity must also contain the same phone number.
      • Corporate email: Must be clear that the business owns the corporate email i.e., email domain and website URL should match, and the website shows the legal business name and logo. If email domain doesn’t match the website, we look for proof, such as an invoice showing that the email domain belongs to the business.

    An example for Association Verification


    Verify by Phone Number

    A business authenticity document (e.g., tax document) must contain the legal business name, tyntec and the business phone number, 0049 231 47790090

    The requester must receive OTP on 0049 231 47790090

    Verify by Email

    A business authenticity document (e.g., tax document) must contain the legal business name along with the business phone or address indicated in Business Manager

    The association between the business email, @tyntec.com, and website, www.tyntec.com must be clear and the website must contain the legal business name, TYNTEC LIMITED

    If the website does not indicate the legal business name, the requester may submit additional documents;

    e.g., a utility bill that contains the legal name and email domain, @tyntec.com