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How Will WhatsApp Enforce Human Their Escalation Policy?


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How will WhatsApp enforce human their escalation policy?

The need for human escalation in automated services is part of WhatsApp policy since 2019, however its policy is more strictly inspected from October 30, 2020.

Human escalation requirement

The WhatsApp Business Policy requires that at least one option of “quick, clear and direct service with human agents” be provided in the conversational flow:

“Maintain a WhatsApp Business profile with customer support contact information, including one or more of the following: email address, website address or phone number. Keep all information correct and up to date. You should not be to impersonate another company or, in any other way, mislead customers about the nature of their business.”

Since October 30, 2020, WhatsApp started testing conversation flows and, if the human transfer option is not identified, the quality indicator for the number will be changed to low, in red.

ℹ️ Those that do not comply with the guidelines within seven days will have the Quality Rating of their number reduced, which will result in a decrease in the number of notifications and messages initiated by the company.

How to add human escalation on WhatsApp

Ensure that all streams on WhatsApp have an option in which it is possible to speak directly to a person, such as:

  • redirection to a human agent
  • a valid phone number
  • a contact form
  • an e-mail
  • redirection to visit the physical store

You can add these to your message templates and also quick replies shared by chatbots during conversations.