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How Can I Check the Account Status of Each of My Clients?


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How can I check the account status of each of my clients?

You can check the status of each of your customers in the shared tool that you will access to onboard your customers.

    There you see the following possible statuses:

    • New: the client has been added by you but the tyntec team hasn’t started the onboarding yet.
    • Submitted: tyntec has submitted the new WABA request to WhatsApp.
    • Invalid Facebook Business Manager ID: the new WABA has been submitted but the ID couldn’t be validated and needs to be corrected. Check here how to retrieve the correct one.
    • Message on behalf: your client has to approve tyntec in their Facebook Business Manager. The have to log in as an admin to see the notification. This is how the client can see the notification.
    • Business verification required: your client has to perform business verification. Check in here the business verification guide.
    • Brand in review: the business verification has been performed by the company but the brand is in review.
    • Rejected: the company’s request has been denied. Usually, companies are rejected if their business violate the Commerce Policy, e.g. alcohol or tobacco companies.
    • Number already in use: the chosen phone number is used in association with the WhatsApp consumer or business app. In order to associate the phone number with the API, you need to release the phone number from the app first by deleting the WhatsApp account.
    • Display name verification: WhatsApp is reviewing the display name of the business.
    • Display name rejected: the display name has been rejected and a correction needs to be submitted. Check the display name tutorial.
    • Ready for activation:  the account can receive the verification code. In case you have received the verification code via SMS, you can share the code directly with us. In case the verification code has to be sent via voice call, you can schedule a specific meeting for this here. For phone numbers behind IVR, please get in touch with the tyntec WhatsApp team to provide you with sender IDs and perform an IVR deflection for these IDs at least 48 hours before the verification procedure.
    • Registered: the account has performed the phone number verification.
    • Registered & configured: the account is configured.
    • Cancelled: the account has been cancelled.
    • Appeal in Review: tyntec is appealing on behalf of your client in case the account has been rejected or any disruption has occurred to the account.