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How to Change a Phone Number for My WhatsApp Business Account?


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How to change a phone number for my WhatsApp Business Account?

When onboarding a new WhatsApp Business Profile, a company has to associate the Profile with a phone number. In some cases, a company may realize that they need to change the phone number due to various reasons.

    With WhatsApp, a phone number cannot be edited in the middle of the onboarding process.

    When a phone number needs to be changed, we need to start with the same phone number activation process all over again. This means passing the new phone number – and its display name – for WhatsApp’s review. This process may take between 24 and 48 hours.

    Therefore, to avoid further delays in your onboarding, please choose your phone number carefully. This means:

    • It cannot be a personal phone number. If you’re trying to use your own phone number or a colleague’s phone number for the activation, please be aware that a phone number cannot be associated with both a WhatsApp app and an API at the same time.
    • Avoid temporary numbers.
    • If you need to onboard a phone number that is currently associated with an IVR, tyntec can onboard an IVR-tied phone number. Check in here how to onboard your phone number with an IVR.

    🚫 Once a phone number has been associated with the WhatsApp Business API, it cannot be downgraded to the consumer or business app.