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How Can I Try Out tyntec’s WhatsApp Business?


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How can I try out tyntec’s WhatsApp Business?

There are different ways on how you can try out WhatsApp with tyntec:

  • Free trial with the Conversations Inbox
  • Try out with 1,500 complimentary messages
  • Try out without your own WhatsApp Business Profile

Find out more below on the specifics of each option.

Free trial with the Conversations Inbox

With this option, you can try out WhatsApp without integrating the API. That means, all you have to do is to create your WhatsApp Business Profile with tyntec, and setup your Conversations Inbox access.


This is what you get with the 30-day free trial:


    • A live WhatsApp Business Profile (no sandbox or artificial environment)


    • 1,500 complimentary messages


    • Access to the Conversations Inbox


    • No commitment – at the end of the free trial, you can decide to continue, cancel or deactivate your account.


This is how you can get started:



🚫 The free trial with WhatsApp and Conversations inbox is NOT available for potential WhatsApp ISV partners. To test our WhatsApp service, you can create your WABA with the Starter package and use 1,500 complimentary messages to test our service. If you have any questions on how potential partners can test our services, please get in touch here.

Try out with the Starter package and complimentary messages

You can also set up a productive WhatsApp Business account with API integration via the Starter package. This requires that you go through the onboarding process. This is not binding and most customers use it in their pilot phase and/or for demos (especially ISV partners).

This option has a few benefits, including:

  • Access to WhatsApp’s entire feature set with a live WhatsApp profile
  • 1,500 complimentary test messages
  • You can use it for as long as your internal project lasts or to serve as a demo for clients. After your complimentary messages are used, message fees apply.
  • You can cancel the Starter package at any time. There’s no long term commitment.
  • You can deactivate your account at any time to avoid incurring in monthly costs.

The Starter package is billed at a monthly fee of EUR 89, which includes the complete setup and configuration of your WhatsApp account, plus unlimited session messaging for 1000 active contacts.

ℹ️ In case the Starter package is the right option for you, get started right away by creating your tyntec account.

ℹ️ Follow the onboarding process instructions here.