Service Level and Support Policy

Service Availability
tyntec aims to ensure availability of its Services in accordance with the terms of this Service Level and Support Policy. The commitment to availability of the Services is limited to the tyntec platform and does not extend to elements outside of tyntec’s sphere of control.

tyntec will ensure 99.9% availability per point of access in terms of quality and continuity of the Services on a continuous six months basis.


service time

Unavailability time for each event is calculated by starting from the point in time of detection and reporting of the problem. Service suspension by tyntec in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use based on Unauthorized Usage, late payment or similar, will be included in Unavailability Time.

tyntec cannot guarantee complete reliability with respect to its Services which , in addition to cases of force majeure, may be subject to interruptions of the service of one or more Operators or other third party required for the provision of Services due to circumstances inlcuding radiotelephone interference caused by atmospheric conditions or any other conditions, interferences in wave propagations, the addressee of the message or voice call being outside of the operator’s coverage area, SS7 network faults, IP network faults, planned outages or any other fault beyond the reasonable control, operator maintenance and technical interruptions, or SIM card memory overload.

tyntec will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify Customer in advance, where feasible, when service disruptions are to be expected. tyntec reserves the right to plan service interruptions for tests and network traffic improvement operations.

Transit Time
tyntec will make commercially reasonable efforts to maintain message transmission time through the tyntec platform up to the first delivery attempt to or from tyntec’s network operator connection at a level equal to or less than 10 sec in 90% of all cases on a single calendar month basis.


service time number processed

In case of heavy traffic such as during exceptional events this time could be longer.

Peak Load
The platform supports a peak load of 30 SMS per second submitted by Customer. Peak load means that this volume is continuously sent in a timeframe of a maximum of 30 minutes without upfront notification. Higher throughputs over longer times can be arranged upon request. A throughput of 10 SMS per second is considered as an unproblematic base load. Actual delivery performance depends on destination operator and connectivity.

Support Services
Help Desk
tyntec provides Help Desk support for its Services.

The Help Desk is available 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Incident Handling
The following describes procedures for handling incidents affecting Service quality.

Reporting Procedure
Customer must report any incident by e-mail to the customer-specific support address or via other means as instructed by tyntec. Customer will cooperate with tyntec in order to allow tyntec to identify and remedy the incident in the most time-efficient manner.

Customer must provide all relevant information required to enable tyntec to remedy the fault. The relevant information consists of:

– Company Name
– Contact name and phone number of engineer dealing with the fault
– Date and time the fault was detected
– Timestamps of affected transactions
– Impact of the fault
– If available: measures already taken, log files/ traces, customer ticket / reference number

Incident Classification
tyntec will classify each incident reported by Customer within the acknowledgement time below according to the following criteria:

tyntec SLA

tyntec reserves the right to amend the Severity ratings and their corresponding parameters.

tyntec reserves the right to request Customer to newly attempt using the Service in order to increase the quality of problem analysis.

Loss of Service on an account suspended by tyntec in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use will not be treated as technical incident but resolved at commercial level.

Acknowledgement and Target Restoration Times
Response Times:

Upon receipt of a sufficiently detailed support request tyntec will send an acknowledgement of receipt to Customer’s technical support contact in accordance with the time periods set out in the table below. A response within these time scales is conditional upon the integrity and performance of the Internet and related networks. When acknowledging the problem tyntec will issue a tracking number to Customer. This number will be quoted by tyntec and by Customer in all related communication.

Target Restoration Times:

tyntec will make commercially reasonable efforts to adhere to the Restoration Times set out below, always provided that Customer fully cooperates during the ticket resolution process.


In addition to raising a ticket Customer must also call tyntec’s Help Desk on the hotline phone number to report Critical Issues. Response and Target Restoration times apply with respect to elements within tyntec’s sphere of control. tyntec will use commercially reasonable efforts to work with its suppliers and other relevant third parties in order to fulfill the Response and Target Restorations times. Customer understands that certain issues, such as the behavior, service responses and information provided by an Operator or other third party might be inconsistent with the overall Service behavior and not capable of remedy.

Progress Reporting
tyntec will provide Customer’s technical contact with reasonably frequent updates regarding problem support.

Escalation Procedure
Customer may escalate any problem that is not resolved in a timely fashion by alerting the next tyntec level according to the times and contacts .

Change Management and Planned Outages
In case one of the Parties is planning an infrastructure outage for maintenance or other operational reasons, the Party will inform the other in writing at least five (5) business days in advance.

Planned outages must be communicated to the technical contacts listed in Contact Details.