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How Can I Update/modify a Business Account on Behalf of My Clients?


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How can I update/modify a business account on behalf of my clients?

With tyntec you have two options to update the WhatsApp Business profiles of your clients:


    1. Use our WhatsApp Profile API. The Profile API allows you to change the core company details for a WhatsApp Business Profile. In your WhatsApp profile, you’ll be able to update the company logo (deletion is also possible), public URL for company logo, company description, and more.


    1. Log in to your tyntec account and access the respective brand’s account.


Update WhatsApp Profile on tyntec Account

Step 1: Navigate to the WhatsApp tab. After the initial setup of your profile, you will see all your profiles here. 


Step 2: Choose the profile you want to edit and select ‘Show Profile’ from the actions column. This will open up the current profile settings. 


Step 3: Scroll down and select ‘Edit Business Profile’ to change your profile details.

This will bring you to the editing mode for your profile. Here you can edit all details, except the ‘Display Name’. The preview on the right showcases how your profile will look like after saving.