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What Is tyntec’s Throughput for WhatsApp?


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What is tyntec’s throughput for WhatsApp?

Messaging performance or throughput represents the number of messages that can be sent in any given second using the WhatsApp Business API client. The maximum achievable performance depends on a variety of factors, the most important factor being your client setup choice and whether a message is being sent to a new user or an existing user —encryption sessions setup take a little longer when messaging a new user.

tyntec performance for the WhatsApp Business API follows the throughput and rate limits by WhatsApp. Currently, we at tyntec support up to 200 text-only messages / second on the full scaled setup.

ℹ️ You can find more information on WhatsApp Messaging Performance here.

Potential constraints

There may be additional constraints on the message types:

  • The message types that can be exchanged are reduced to plain text variants. Any media will reduce the maximum Transaction Per Second by an substantial but unknown factor.
  • The blue tick mark is disabled
  • The download of inbound medias is disabled.

In addition, tyntec is able to receive approx. 100 incoming text messages/second (user messages). It’s important to point out that our service takes care of the appropriate rate limiting, so you can send higher spikes and we make sure the delivery happens in the limits by WhatsApp.

✉️ In case you need to have a sustained setup, we strongly recommend to spread the load over multiple numbers. If you have any questions, please get in touch with support@tyntec.com.