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How Does the Provider Migration Work?


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How does the provider migration work?

Businesses with a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) can now migrate a registered phone number from one Business Service Provider (BSP) to another at any time without having to change the phone number. After being migrated, a phone number keeps its display name, quality rating, messaging limits, Official Business Account status, and any High-quality message templates previously approved.

The migration process involves 3 main assets:


    • A source WABA: this is the BSP the phone number is currently registered to. Here, the business verification has been completed and approved, and the WABA review status must be approved, too.


    • A phone number: the phone number that will be migrated.


    • A destination WABA: the BSP the number will be migrated to.


Phone migration is always initiated by the destination WABA BSP – in this case, tyntec.


Here are the migration steps with tyntec:


Step #1 Create your tyntec account to manage your API accounts and set up payments for your transferred WABA.


Step #2 Fill out the migration form with the phone number you’d like to transfer. We’ll also need your Facebook Business Manager ID, your business name, and your tyntec API key name.


Step #3 – You must confirm to tyntec that your existing BSP (‘source WABA’) has lifted the 2FA code from the number.


Step #4 – tyntec will perform migration API calls made to the endpoint with the destination WABA’s ID.


Step #4 – You would receive a 6 digit code via SMS or voice call, and send it back to tyntec.


Once this is done, your WABA is successfully migrated to tyntec and you will be notified accordingly.


You can view your WhatsApp Business Profile on your tyntec account and can start managing it from our dashboard, such as submitting new message templates.