How can I "approve on behalf" on my Facebook Business Manager?

Once approved, please accept the approval for "message on behalf of" on your Facebook Business Manager.

    ℹ️ For integration partners - please follow the process described below - all your clients need to accept MOB - you will see the status of MOB pending in your spreadsheet. If you are not our integration partner, this information is only required for the onboarding with an IVR-enabled phone number. The standard onboarding no longer requires this information since the company data used to create a WhatsApp Business Profile is synced with Facebook during the sign-up process.

    ℹ️ Please note you need admin access to see the ''Message on behalf of'' and accept this request.  

    Go to the top right and check the notifications on your navigation bar:

    Or go over the left column to ''Requests":

    ✉️ In case you cannot find your notification or face any issues, please get in touch with our Onboarding Team at