How do I send my first WhatsApp message via tyntec?

Check the following tutorials to learn the specifics of getting started with WhatsApp Business successfully.

    Tutorial #1: Message matters

    Learn how to initiate a business conversation in three key stages: Sending a WhatsApp Message Template; receiving a message sent to the WhatsApp Business Account; and responding to a customer-initiated conversation by sending a free-form text message.

    Tutorial #2: Go both ways

    Master how to build an app that enables the business to handle a two-way WhatsApp Business interaction with a customer — from collecting opt-ins and initiating a conversation using a message template through to receiving a response and following up with a free-form message.

    Tutorial #3: Hooked up

    Read up on how to set up a server and create a simple webhook app that allows the business to quickly receive customer messages that are sent to its WhatsApp Business phone number.


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