How can I submit Message Templates with tyntec?

While tyntec handles the submission and approval processes in liaison with WhatsApp, it’s important that you take charge in identifying your use cases and creating related message templates that are relevant for your business — and especially for your customers. If you have any questions about how to craft these message templates, we’re happy to help. However, this is something that only you can decide.

There are two ways to submit message templates via tyntec:

Existing customers have access to a Message Template API to get, request and delete message templates, as well as add localizations to existing templates. Check our self-service Message Template API.

When using the Message Template API, you get the following benefits: 

  • The templates are synched with WhatsApp automatically (due to restrictions on the Facebook API this can't  be done synchronously)
  • The templates are pushed and pulled by two different jobs and both jobs are configured to run alternating every 5 minutes. This ensures that a template requested via our API is approved right after the submission.

This means, submitting message templates is faster and you get a quicker feedback for approved/rejected status (in 15 minutes latest). In contrast with the message template manager, this can take 2-3 business days.

Both options are available to direct customers as well as ISVs.

For more information on how to create message templates, have a look here.