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Getting access to the WhatsApp Business API doesn’t have to be complicated. tyntec guides you through this process and makes it even easier for you with this comprehensive checklist.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business provider, tyntec helps enterprises setup their WhatsApp Business Profiles. We do this by using a straightforward process, while sticking to WhatsApp’s stamp of quality and trust, enabling you to get access to WhatsApp hassle-free.

The items within this checklist are to give you an overview of the process. Our simple check system helps you see where you are on your WhatsApp journey!  If you still need more information, please refer to the list of links and documents at the end of the blog post - or give our Onboarding Team a shout at

(Please bear in mind that this is a checklist for tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business. If you’re using – or aim to use – the Conversations Inbox, a few of these steps are not applicable. They are marked by an asterisk).

Before getting started

Every business account must apply to WhatsApp for approval before gaining access to the WhatsApp Business API. 

Before getting started, you will need to create a Facebook Business account. In case you do not have one yet, you can sign up on

Also, you’ll have to collect the following information to create your WhatsApp profile:

  • Decide on which phone number to associate your WhatsApp Profile with. Learn how to pick a phone number. In case your number is associated with an IVR, manual onboarding applies. 
  • Display name. Check best practices
  • Business information: description, website, public email, logo URL. 
  • Get your tyntec API key to associate your future WhatsApp Business Profile with tyntec. Check how to get your API keys
  • Webhook URLs: define the webhook URLs for incoming messages and delivery notifications. Learn more about webhooks

Step #1 - Create your tyntec account

You can get started with WhatsApp Business by creating your tyntec account.

You should be validated to proceed with our setup process almost immediately and will receive instructions on how to proceed.

Create tyntec account completed

Get email with instructions on next steps. 

Step #2 - Create your WhatsApp Business Profile

First, log in to your tyntec account and go to the WhatsApp area. Under New Profile,  you will see an overview of the main onboarding steps to create your WhatsApp Business Profile.

To start creating your WhatsApp Profile, click on New Profile.

Now, add the following information:

  • Your chosen phone number
  • Business information (company name, description, website, etc.)
  • Your chosen pricing plan (you will be charged only after your WhatsApp Business Profile is created and you send your first message).
  • Add webhooks and API key
  • Connect with Facebook to sync the information.

ℹ️ Check all details to fill the form in our Help Center.

In the creation of your profile, you've accomplished:

✅ Your profile is created

✅ Start the Facebook connection to sync the information.

Step #3 - Connect with Facebook

After adding the API key and webhooks, it’s time to connect your Facebook account linked to your WhatsApp Business request. This step connects your tyntec onboarding with your Facebook Business Manager to:

  • Create your Facebook and WhatsApp Business Accounts
  • Create your WhatsApp Business Profile 
  • Connect and verify the WhatsApp Business number.

Our dashboard will provide you a direct connection to perform this step. Click on Login with Facebook. Make sure you’re logging in with an admin account.

In this step, you've accomplished:

✅ Your WhatsApp account is connected with your Facebook Business Manager.

✅ Your phone number is verified (if it's an SMS-capable phone number).

Step #4 - Verify your business

This phase has been designed to ensure your Facebook Business Account is authentic, including proof of legal entity and evidence of access to the business.

This phase also ensures your WhatsApp Business Account is compliant with WhatsApp policies and that the display name meets its guidelines. 

Your company must submit Business Verification within their Facebook Business Manager account.

Verify your Business. Check here how the procedure works. 

ℹ️ You must be an admin of the Facebook Business Manager account to complete business verification.

Step #5 - Your account is verified!

After your business has been verified, your WhatsApp Business Profile is set up. 

Prior to start exchanging messages and unlock the value of your live WhatsApp Business Profile, you will need three prerequisites:

  • Submit Message Templates for approval to initiate conversations with your contacts
  • Collect opt-ins via your communication channels if you’re planning to initiate conversations
  • Add credits to your tyntec account to send messages once your free messages have been used.

🎁You’ve got 1,500 complimentary test messages on your verified, live WhatsApp Business Profile! The test messages are enabled directly on the API, and you can use them before your first payment.

Your WhatsApp Business Profile is ready! 🎉

✅ Send your first test messages prior to your first payment.

Step #6 - Submit your message templates

While it's not mandatory to submit message templates, submitting at least one would help you test the platform. Also, even for companies that wish WhatsApp only to respond to inquiries, having at least one message template could be helpful for autoreplies, e.g., when agents are not immediately available or the request has arrived at out of office hours.

WhatsApp Message Templates are standardized messages that businesses can send to customers, ranging from appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, payment updates, and more. Message templates can only be sent to customers who have opted-in and have to be approved by WhatsApp.

First message template submitted

Step #7 - Collect opt-ins

Collect opt-ins before initiating a conversation with a customer using WhatsApp. That means the business needs to reach out to your customers for their consent via one of the existing communications channels – a 'third party channel' – and not through WhatsApp itself; think email, website, SMS, customer service call, IVR, app, etc.

Also, the opt-in must be an active opt-in. This means it must be triggered by a user action, such as entering a phone number or checking a box to indicate consent. Lastly, clear opt-in messaging so that a user knows what types of messaging the person is signing up for.

Opt-in strategy in place

First opted-in customers collected.

Step #8 - What's next

Once everything is setup and tested on your side, go ahead and start WhatsApp’ing your customers. Make sure you’ve got your opt-in in place prior to sending messages.

Here are a few other resources you can use to better update and maintain your WhatsApp Business Profile:

  • Keep your WhatsApp Business profile updated with our Profile API

For your convenience, check here is a list of meaningful references and guides:

Apply for Official Business Account (optional)

When the setup of your Business Account is ready and you think you are a notable brand in your market, you can apply for an Official Business Account (green mark) with tyntec.

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