Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Less than 10 Steps

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Getting access to the WhatsApp Business API doesn’t have to be complicated. tyntec guides you through this process and makes it even easier for you with this comprehensive checklist.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business provider, tyntec helps enterprises setup their WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs). We do this by using a straightforward process, while sticking to WhatsApp’s stamp of quality and trust, enabling you to get access to WhatsApp hassle-free.

The items within this checklist are to give you an overview of the process. Our simple check system helps you see where you are on your WhatsApp journey!  If you still need more information, please refer to the list of links and documents at the end of the blog post.

(Please bear in mind that this is a checklist for tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business. If you’re using – or aim to use – the Support Inbox, a few of these steps are not applicable. They are marked by an asterisk).

Step #1: Request Access

As an exclusive program, every company goes through an approval process with WhatsApp. You request access with tyntec by filling out our Request Access form. Then, we’ll forward your application to WhatsApp to be reviewed.

You should be validated to proceed with our setup process almost immediately and will receive instructions on how to proceed.

Request Access form completed

Get email with instructions on next steps

Step #2: Prep your Setup

For your convenience, tyntec sets up and configures your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). To proceed, we need information about your business, including your Facebook Business Manager ID, phone number, API key name, etc.

*Information that is not applicable for Support Inbox users.


  1. Facebook Business Manager ID:

Get your Facebook Business Manager ID. Check here how to get it.

You may want to double-check if this ID is valid by adding the ID at the end of this URL: In case it’s an invalid ID, it will show an error message like this:
request access




  1. Phone number: you have to provide a new, valid phone number at this stage. You also need to identify whether this phone number is capable of receiving SMS or whether it’s associated with an IVR. Check the guidelines on how to choose a phone number.

Choose your phone number


  1. API key name*: to associate your future WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) with tyntec, we need to know your API key name.

  Create an account in tyntec’s Business Center.

Check “API settings” at the left side menu.

Collect your API key and your API key name.


  1. Display information: you have to decide the display name of your business, business description, address, etc.
Whatsapp Business Profile infor2x

Define “Business Name”: Provide the name as it will be displayed within WhatsApp for the End User. It cannot be changed later. Check the guideline and best practices for the Display Name.

 Define “About”: This is the status text displayed in your profile on WhatsApp. (max 139 characters)

Define “Business Description”: (max 256 characters)

Address: Street, house number, zip code, city, state (max 256 characters)

 Brand image URL (minimum 500px, x 500px, recommended 640px x 640px, max 5 MB. Image should be squared, otherwise it will be cropped by WhatsApp. If you cannot host the image on your own server you can upload it to a picture hosting service like


      5. Webhook URLs*: define the webhook URLs for incoming messages and delivery notifications.

Define webhook URL for incoming messages.

Define webhook URL for delivery notifications.


      6. Choose your pricing plan: define your package according to your needs. Check our available pricing packages.

Choose pricing plan.

Step #3: Fill out Setup WABA Form

Once approved, you can add key information in our Set Up WABA Form. You will receive the form via email. tyntec will then setup your WABA.

You can add your business information to tyntec’s Setup Form

You may submit Message Templates after the Set Up Form (optional)

Step #4: Approve tyntec on your Facebook Business Manager

Once approved, please accept the approval for "message on behalf of" on your Facebook Business Manager. Please note you need admin access to see the ''Message on behalf of'' and accept this request.   


Go to the top right and check the notifications on your navigation bar

message on behalf small 

Or go over the left column to ''Requests"

message on behalf docs center


 Accept “message on behalf approval”

Step #5: Complete the Verification Process for Your Business

Business verification allows Facebook/WhatsApp to identify real businesses on the platform and give them access to the features they need.

Verify your Business. Check here how the procedure works. 

Step #6: Phone Number Verification / 2FA

tyntec will trigger a 2FA process to verify your chosen phone number, associating your WABA and the API key name. You will receive a verification code either via SMS or robocall (voice).

If your phone number is SMS-capable, you will get your SMS verification code. Share it with us by mailing us at

If your phone number is not SMS-capable, or connected to an IVR system, you will receive a voice call. To avoid that you miss out on the call, we schedule a short meeting to call you with your verification code.

Get the 6-digit PIN

Share your 6-digit PIN with tyntec (or schedule meeting if your phone number is NOT SMS-capable)

 Your phone number is verified

Step #7: WABA is Ready!

tyntec informs you when the WABA is ready and how you can send the first message. Test internally before rolling out to your customers, and make sure to have your opt-in policy in place.

Your WABA is configured by tyntec

 Send your first message. Check here instructions on how to send your first message.

Step #8: Setup Message Templates

You may submit your message templates earlier on (just after completion of the setup form) or you may set them up later. It’s up to you. Submit your message templates here.

Submit Message Templates. Check here instructions on how to create Message Templates

Send your first message. Check here instructions on how to send your first message.

Step #9: What’s Next

Once everything is setup and tested on your side, go ahead and start WhatsApp’ing your customers. Make sure you’ve got your opt-in in place prior to sending messages. Here are a few other resources you can use to better update and maintain your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA):

For your convenience, check here is a list of meaningful references and guides:

Apply for Official Business Account (optional)

Alternative to the API:





We’re always happy to answer your questions and guiding you through WhatsApp waters. Chat with us via WhatsApp or send us an email to