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Getting access to the WhatsApp Business API doesn’t have to be complicated. tyntec guides you through this process and makes it even easier for you with this comprehensive checklist.

As an authorized WhatsApp Business provider, tyntec helps enterprises setup their WhatsApp Business Accounts (WABAs). We do this by using a straightforward process, while sticking to WhatsApp’s stamp of quality and trust, enabling you to get access to WhatsApp hassle-free.

The items within this checklist are to give you an overview of the process. Our simple check system helps you see where you are on your WhatsApp journey!  If you still need more information, please refer to the list of links and documents at the end of the blog post.

Step #1: Request Access

As an exclusive program, every company goes through an approval process with WhatsApp. You request access with tyntec by filling out our Request Access form. Then, we’ll forward your application to WhatsApp to be reviewed. At this stage, you will already need your Facebook Business Manager ID.

Get your Facebook Business Manager ID. Check here how to get it.

You may want to double-check if this ID is valid by adding the ID at the end of this URL: In case it’s an invalid ID, it will show an error message like this:

request access





Request Access

Step #2: Approve tyntec on your Facebook Business Manager

Once approved, please accept the approval for "message on behalf of" on your Facebook Business Manager.   

Accept “message on behalf approval”

tyntec FB Manager







Step #3: Complete the Verification Process for Your Business

Business verification allows Facebook/WhatsApp to identify real businesses on the platform and give them access to the features they need.

Verify your Business. Check here how the procedure works. 

Step #4: API Key

In the meantime sign up with tyntec and get your API Key. Remember the API Key Name; you will need it in Step 5.

You create an account at our Business Center

Retrieve API key

Save the API key name for next step

Step #5: Fill out Setup WABA Form

Once approved, you can add key information in our Set Up WABA Form. tyntec will setup your WABA. If you did not setup your endpoints for the Webhooks yet, or don't have security certificate with a CA authority, no problem, you can do that while we are setting up your Business Account and provide us that information later.

You can add your business information to tyntec’s Setup Form

 You may submit Message Templates in the Set Up Form (optional)

Step #6: Phone Number Verification / 2FA

tyntec will trigger a 2FA process to verify your chosen phone number, associating your WABA and the API key name. You will receive either a SMS or a Robo Call to your phone number. Please mail us the 6 digit PIN to

Get the 6-digit PIN

Share your 6-digit PIN with tyntec

Your phone number is verified

Step #7: WABA is Ready!

tyntec informs you when the WABA is ready and how you can send the first message.

Your WABA is configured by tyntec

Send your first message. Check here instructions on how to send your first message.

Step #8: Message Templates Ready!

tyntec will inform you when your templates are ready to use. If you want to submit more, you can here.  

Submit Message Templates. Check here instructions on how to create Message Templates

Send your first message. Check here instructions on how to send your first message.

Step #9 (optional): Apply for Official Business Account

When the setup of your Business Account is ready and you think you are a notable brand in your market, you can apply for an Official Business Account (green mark) with tyntec

Apply for an Official Business Account (green badge). Check how to apply here

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