Is it possible to bring an external number outside of tyntec to use WhatsApp?

Yes. Differently from other WhatsApp Business solution providers, tyntec does not require a tyntec number to use our API for WhatsApp.

You can bring your own number – mobile, landline or toll-free – to your customer conversations, making use of an existing phone number (as long as it hasn’t been used on WhatsApp Business API before).

    In Germany, you can also utilize the same phone number for voice calls and extend with WhatsApp and SMS. This enables you to manage all interactions on one number, ensuring a seamless, omnichannel experience for your customers.

    ℹ️  You can also bring a phone number that is connected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Have a look here how to proceed.

    ℹ️ Find out more information about Phone Numbers in our Documentation Center.