Can I start sending messages before my business is verified?

Previously, businesses couldn’t send any messages before getting verified. This meant that if verification took a few weeks, they would have to wait that long to get started using the tyntec API for WhatsApp Business.

Now, it’s possible to try out WhatsApp before your company has finalized the business verification. While waiting for verification, you can:

  • Notifications: Can be sent to 2 phone numbers, up to 10 messages a day. You can use the pre-approved message templates to send notifications.
  • Customer Service Messages: Can have a maximum of 1,500 customer-initiated conversations. A conversation is a 24-hour window of messaging with a given phone number.

ℹ️ You have a total of 1,500 complimentary messages to try out WhatsApp, which can be used during business verification or after. It’s up to you when to use your complimentary messages.