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From Resistance to Partnership:
Operators shift into monetising OTT

This tyntec-sponsored survey, based on interviews with over 60 mobile operators across global marketplace conducted by independent research company mobilesquared, shows clear evidence that there has been a significant shift in mobile operator mindset regarding OTT communications. The perception that OTT (Over-the-Top) communications is a threat has been replaced with a revenue-generating opportunity. Mobile operators are now open and receptive to partnering with OTT service providers. The research revealed that 98% of mobile operators will potentially enter into an OTT communications partnership. From the perspective of maturing OTT service providers, operators’ openness to partnership brings forth even greater opportunity as they are moving towards a revenue generation model—as opposed to just focusing on market capitalization—to prove their commercial viability.

With original data and analytical insights, this whitepaper explores and outlines the OTT communications opportunity for mobile operators, and crucial issues for them to tackle.

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