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Send meeting invites to WhatsApp from any conferencing app

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By Jean Shin , Director, Enterprise Solutions


4 minute read

Two women walking down a runway in front of a blue screen, capturing attention for a whatsapp meeting invite.
Two women walking down a runway in front of a blue screen, capturing attention for a whatsapp meeting invite.

WhatsApp, more than any other messaging app in the world, keeps people connected. With its end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp is popular even among people who keep their personal communications private. So, of course, it makes a lot of sense to connect with your customers on the platform they use every day!

In fact, many brands around the world have been doing exactly that ever since WhatsApp Business API was introduced in 2018. What’s different now is that the use cases are getting broader and more creative. For example, you can now enable your store associates to put together a video fashion show of the latest arrivals with any meeting apps your company uses, and let the associates send personalized invites to their contacts via WhatsApp.

Yes, there’s an integration for this. tyntec makes it easy to automatically invite WhatsApp contacts to your video meetings from the tools you’re already using! Whether you want to send an invite from Zoom to WhatsApp, or an event from Outlook to WhatsApp, tyntec’s pre-built integrations make it as easy as inviting a colleague to a meeting.

We’ll show you how to do this all in just a sec, but first… why?

Get the best open rates for your invites

Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp as their primary means of communication every day, and messages sent on WhatsApp have a 99% open rate. So of course, businesses around the world are getting creative with how to get the most out of this popular channel to engage with their customers more—with greater impact and scale. One of the latest, smart examples is to use it to invite more people to video meetings and webinars. There are many tools to conduct video events, but when it comes to getting the word out, using personal touches, and inviting the right people, there’s no substitute to WhatsApp.

Now, it’s easier than ever to combine WhatsApp with all other business tools you’re using:

The WhatsApp Business API makes it very easy for you to get more interest and engagement in your events, from showcasing new products, meet-the-maker events, or even holding open Q&A sessions with customers. Any sales associate can quickly send an invite to any and all of their contacts without needing to spend hours tediously inviting them one by one.

Not only that, they can do it effortlessly and with a personal touch. For example, a sales associate at a flagship store can automatically contact their best and most regular customers to notify them as soon as the new collection arrives at the store and send invites to showcase the latest styles in an online meeting. The sales associate is able to boost sales on the new drop, and the customer feels valued, as they’re contacted directly, and informed of something they’re highly interested in as soon as it’s available. It’s a win-win!

Or, let’s say you’re an art gallery, and you’re launching a new show with an up and coming artist. Part of the launch involves an online interview and Q&A with the artist, and you’d like to get your most engaged and highest-spending customers involved. You can send the video meeting invites to WhatsApp, where you know your customers are most likely to see the invitation.

Are you sending invites from a video conferencing app like Zoom? You can use tyntec’s integration for that. Are you using a calendar like Outlook? Use tyntec’s integration for Outlook! Working with tyntec means you can simply trigger the invites from any conferencing apps and calendars you’re already using, just like inviting colleagues to a meeting, so anyone at the company can learn to make use of this powerful connection.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Depending on your current setup and technical capabilities, there are three options you can use to automatically invite your WhatsApp contacts from any conferencing tools you’re using.

1: Using Zoom (with Zapier)

If you’re using Zoom as your conferencing app, tyntec’s Zap makes it simple for you to send invites to WhatsApp contacts. If you’re already familiar with Zapier, you can start right from this handy template tyntec created for you.

Or you can learn more from tyntec’s tutorial on using the WhatsApp Business API with Zapier.

You can also use tyntec’s Zap for Google Calendar, if you prefer to send invites from a calendar app.

2: Using Microsoft Outlook

Are you using Microsoft Outlook to invite people to your meetings? Then tyntec has the solution for you—as simple as inviting a colleague to a meeting. tyntec’s pre-built flow automatically invites selected Outlook contacts (event attendees) by sending them a custom WhatsApp message with a link to the video call.

If you want to learn more about connecting Outlook to WhatsApp, check out our guide to integrating WhatsApp with Outlook.

3: Building a direct API integration (Whereby and more)

If you are looking to build your own custom features and have the development resources to do so, tyntec’s easy-to-integrate Conversations API is the right choice for you. Take a look at tyntec’s integration guide for a popular conferencing app Whereby. You can use it for Whereby—or apply it to any other conferencing app you wish to integrate with such as WebEx or Skype for Business.

Now that you have the power to invite all your WhatsApp contacts to events at your fingertips, be creative! With easy ways to integrate and automate, you can now trigger creativity at scale.