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Top message templates for christmas to boost sales this holiday season

A woman smiling in front of a blue background, surrounded by Christmas message templates.

By Sophia Binder, Content Manager

Conversational commerce

7 minute read

A screenshot of a text message that says it's the holiday season and doesn't have any Christmas messages ready for your templates.
A screenshot of a text message that says it’s the holiday season and doesn’t have any Christmas messages ready for your templates.

Here are the best attention-grabbing templates for you to easily set up successful message marketing campaigns.

Although one of the most joyous occasions of the year, Christmas can also be extremely taxing–particularly for those who don’t plan their holiday communications well in advance. Plus, when the competition is this intense, planning your message marketing campaigns early enough may make all the difference for your brand and ensure excellent campaign performance.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top message templates we recommend using this holiday season. You’ll be able to quickly adapt them to your brand’s needs while delighting your customers before they head off into the new year.

8 types of holiday marketing templates to use in 2022

1. Let your customers know it’s a countdown to Christmas deals

During this time of the year, it goes without saying that everyone will be offering the best deals to boost their sales. That means that you need to have a solid messaging marketing plan in place —and well in advance. Be sure to enable your customers to reply to your messages or reach out to you should they have any queries. Considering that 75% of consumers prefer to engage with businesses over chat channels, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. Ultimately, this will nurture sales—ah, the power of two-way communication.

Planning in advance and enabling two-way communication will allow you to do the following things.

  • Create hype around your campaign
  • Respond to customer queries in real-time
  • Help customers make purchase decisions
  • Measure purchase intent
  • Secure early sales

Check out these templates you can use to mentally prepare your customers for the coming Christmas sales.

Countdown to Christmas sales 

Template 1 get ready for Christmas salesHi [first name], get ready for our online Christmas sale starting December 3rd: [website name + URL].

X days left

Template 2 it's a countdown to salesHey [first name], our Christmas sale starts in X days! Get a sneak peek of the deals and discounts now: [website name + URL].

Choose your loved one’s gifts 

Template 3 exlusive access

Hi [first name], you have exclusive access to our Christmas sale. Christmas came early this year–you can choose your gifts and receive discounts today! Have a look at the sale now: [website name + URL].

2. Message templates to announce new products

The holiday season is a great time to promote any new products or collection—people love new things to choose from this time of the year. You can easily inform your customers of anything new via messages, while at the same time motivating them to make a purchase. Do this by making discounts or incentives available—then watch your sales numbers soar.

Below are a few temples you can use to do just that.

The 1st announcement 

Template 4 sneak peak

Hey [first name], exciting news! We wanted to make this holiday season special, so we’re launching a new collection. Check out and preorder the latest products here on [website name + URL].

Template 5 preorder products

Christmas came early this year! We’re excited to announce that our new [product] has just dropped. Check it out: [website name + URL].

Discount on new products or collection

Template 6 new collection

Hi [first name], we’ve just launched our new collection! Use XMAS22 to get 15% off any products in the collection before December 16th, [website name + URL].

Template 7 new collection alternative

[first name],  Christmas is just around the corner! Make sure you get your loved ones a gift they’ll really love with 20% off on our Christmas collection. Shop now:  [website name + URL].

Offer free shipping 

Template 8 around the corner

Hey there [first name], for any order over $150 dollars we are offering free shipping this holiday season. Be one of the first 100 buyers and we’ll throw in an additional 10% off. Use code SHIP2ME22 at checkout. Here’s the link: [website name + URL].

Exclusive preview of a new collection

Template 9 products new collection

Hey [first name], are you searching for unique gifts for your loved ones this holiday season? We’re offering our message subscribers a special preview. Check our newly launched collection [website name + URL].

3. Give the people what they want: a free gift

‘Tis the season of gift giving!

Delight your customers this year by giving them a free gift with any purchase they make. Let them know about this special offering using a message—here are a few templates just for you.

Announcement of free gift 

template 10 free gift

Hey [first name], we wanted to offer you something special this holiday season. Head over to [website name + URL] to receive a free gift for any purchase over $50. Explore our exclusive Christmas collection now.

template 11 free gift high value buy now

It’s a countdown to Christmas [first name]! This weekend, we’re offering a free gift with any order over $50. The gift is valued at $36. Visit our online store now: [website name + URL] 

Create a sense of urgency

template 12 urgency

Don’t miss out [first name], your free gift is waiting for you! Shop online to receive your exclusive gift now. The offer ends on the 16th of December.

Last chance to get your gift!

template 13 last chance free gift

Hey [first name], there’s a gift waiting for you! Shop on [website name + URL] nowfor any purchase over $50 you’ll receive your gift. We only have 10 left, don’t miss out! 

4. Are you offering product bundles? Let your customers know!

Shoppers loved good deals—what better way to do that than offering discounted bundles? Bundles work particularly well during the holiday season when people have a tendency to purchase will less hesitation. Product bundles are a great way to increase the perceived value of your products and encourage customers to spend more in your store.

We recommend using these templates.

Announcement of a discounted bundle 

template 14 one time offer

Hi [first name], here’s a one-time offer just for you! You’ll get a 15% discount for any Christmas bundle purchase. Check out our special offers now [website name + URL].

template 15 pre sale started

Hooooray! Our pre-Christmas sale has just started. Use code MERRY22 to get a 25% discount off on any bundles over $80. Shop now: [website name + URL].

template 16 get on top of your christmas shopping

Get a jump on your holiday shopping with 15% off any [product name] purchase. This week, you’ll also get an extra [product name] completely free. Visit our store now: [website name + URL].

A win-win: Shoppers can create their own bundles

template dicount with any bundle

Hey [first name], pick any 3 items from our Christmas collection and get 10% off on your bundle of choice. Pick 5 items and get 20% off. Don’t miss out, shop now [website name + URL].

It’s not just about deals, it’s about personalization 

template bundle

Hello [first name], you just bought leather shoes without a waterproof spray! Here’s a special combo offer just for you. We’re running other exclusive offers until the 15th of Dec. Explore them all here [website name + URL].

“Buy one get one free” never gets old 

template 18 bundle

It’s almost Christmas! Here’s your chance to finish your holiday shopping. Buy 1 [product] and get the 2nd one for free. Check out our deals today: [website name + URL].

5. Who doesn’t love a great flash sale and special deals?

By running flash sales and special offers on your online shop, you’ll be creating a real sense of hype and delight. You’ll also be creating a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out), as flash sales and offers project a perception of items that can run out at any moment. Needless to say, they are a great way to boost sales and engagement.

Use the following message templates to get people excited about your sale.

Announcement of flash sale

template 19 flash sale

Hey [first name], our flash sale starts in one hour! Be sure to check out the exclusive deals on our website: [website name + URL].

template 20 flash sale running

Flash sale! Use the code FLASH22 to get 20% off any item in our online store. The sale ends at midnight today. Shop now: [website name + URL].

An incentive to shop during flash sale 

template 21 incentive for flash sale

Hello [first name], for any item over $100 from our flash sale, we’re offering an additional 20% off and a free gift! Don’t miss outthe flash sale ends at midnight today.

Didn’t buy Christmas gifts yet? No problem!

template 22 no christmas gift yet no problem

Still didn’t find the perfect gift for your loved ones? We’re running a flash sale right now! Buy the coolest gifts at the best prices. Hurry! [website name + URL]

6. Extending your sale this holiday season? Let your customer know via message!

If you’ll be extending sales to empty your inventory shelves, make sure your customers are informed. Be sure to give a real incentive to buy more through the use of deals and offers.

Here are a few templates to make sure you have no leftover stock in your inventory.

Sale extension announcement

template 23 sale extension

Hi [first name], as a valued customer, we’ve decided to extend our sale up to the 1st of January 2023 just for you. Shop any item you want now! They’re all 25% off  [website name + URL]

It’s a countdown till the end of the sale

template 24 sales extension

Hey [first name],  our special holiday sale ends on the 1st of January at midnight. Get the best deals now before it’s too late [website name + URL]

Last chance to make the most of our sale

template 25 salea extension

Hi [first name], this is the last call for holiday offers and deals! You can still get up to 15% off on any item in our online store until the 1st of January. Don’t miss out, stock is limited. 

7. Customer abandoned the cart again? No problem.

During shoppers’ Christmas shopping extravaganzas, they tend to put a lot of items into their carts. They jump from site to site, adding to the likelihood that they’ll abandon their carts until they find the best deal. But guess what? You can fix that. Reactivate customers using message marketing.

These templates are bound to spring customers back into action.

Offer a discount

template 26 discout for you

Good news [first name], it looks like you forgot something in your cartand it’s now 15% off! Take advantage of this sweet Christmas deal before it’s too late! [website name + URL]

template 27 here's a discount for you

[first name], just in case you change your mind, we have your cart ready anytime. If you complete your order today, you get an additional 10% off: [website name + URL]

Creating a sense of urgency

template 28 urgency

Hi [first name], the [product] you left in your cart is selling out fast. Buy it now before the last 10 pieces sell out: [website name + URL]

template 29 selling out fast

Hey [first name], the [product] you left in your cart is about to sell out! Complete your purchase here, you still have a chance.  [website name + URL]

8. The post-holiday season is nigh—we have message templates for that too

The holiday season is coming to an end and you’ve collected the contact data for all of your first-time buyers–great! You can make sure they keep coming back to your site and buying more. Nurture your customers, old and new, with these message templates.

Christmas is almost over

template 30 ask for feedback

We’re nearing the end of the holiday season, but our offers are not! As a thank you for shopping with us, we’d like to offer you an additional 15% discount on your next order. Here’s the link to our store: [website name + URL]. 

A great time to ask for feedback

template 31 ask for feedback

Hello [first name], we hope you’ve enjoyed your shopping experience with us this holiday season. Your feedback is valuable to uswe’d love to hear what you think! Please click here to share your feedback: [website name + URL]. It’ll only take a minute.

Based on previous purchases, share recommendations

template 32 share your product recommendations

Hi [first name], we’ve put together a selection of items we think you might like. We hope you enjoy them: [website name + URL].

Are new launches coming up? Share any upcoming updates

template 33 new launches, share the news

This. Just. In. Our spring collection is dropping early! [first name], we’d like to give you exclusive access as well as a special discount as one of our valued customers. Here’s code Spring23 to get 15% off.

You’re all set to send holiday messages and get your brand noticed. Over to you!

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