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How to choose the right hosting options for WhatsApp Business API: On-Premises or Cloud

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By Jean Shin , Director, Enterprise Solutions

| 4 minute read

As a tyntec customer you now can select who hosts your customer interactions over WhatsApp – WhatsApp Business API hosted by tyntec (On-Premises API) or hosted by Meta (Cloud API).

Both hosting options are offered by tyntec. So, no matter which option you choose, rest assured that you can rely on tyntec’s quality and support.

Since 2019 tyntec, as WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, has been helping businesses communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. With Meta’s recent release of WhatsApp Business Cloud API, we’re happy to add the option as part of our product offerings.

When deciding which hosting option is right for you, consider these four main differences between the two APIs:

  1. Server Location: the On-Premises API will be hosted in tyntec’s data centers located in Germany whereas the Cloud API will be hosted in North America at Meta’s data centers.
  2. Encryption: When you use the On-Premises API, all messages are encrypted from tyntec’s platform all the way to the WhatsApp end user’s device. With the Cloud API, messages get encrypted in the Meta cloud. Before the encryption, the messages can be converted to a readable form.
  3. Data Security Standards: EU standards and regulations are applied by default to the On-premises API as tyntec’s data centers are located in Germany. The standards and regulations of Meta and North America will be applied to the Cloud API.
  4. Pricing: The overall cost of the Cloud API will be about a third of the cost of the On- Premise API.

Given those differences, if you’re in an industry regulated by security compliance requirements and/or your communications include sensitive data, you’ll have a better business outcome by choosing the On-Premises API hosted by tyntec. As a company based in Germany, tyntec is subject to data security and privacy law that are among the strictest in the world.

If you’re wondering whether you can simply use both Cloud API and On-Premises API, the answer is no. You cannot use a production phone number with both the On-Premises and Cloud APIs. Only one phone number can be used on a platform at a time.

If you happen to have your WABA already registered with Meta, and wish to use the account with tyntec, we can certainly help you with that too, please contact support@tyntec.com. If you’re new to using WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, you can start with this overview.

Happy chatting!