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Use tyntec Connectors in Your Microsoft Flow to Automate Communications

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By Jean Shin, Director, Enterprise Solutions


3 minute read

A business woman using the Microsoft Flow connector on her phone at night.
A business woman using the Microsoft Flow connector on her phone at night.

Are you already using Microsoft Dynamics 365? Then you’ll love using tyntec services right from your flows – and even create new flows to boost your sales and marketing automation.

With many thanks to our customers who expressed strong desire to use our APIs on the Microsoft platform they’re already using, we’ve launched a series of certified connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365 on Oct. 8.

As our customer, you already know the benefits of using tyntec APIs for WhatsApp, Viber and SMS to send timely notifications, invitations and other personalized messages to provide seamless buyer journey and sales workflow. By combining the powers of tyntec APIs and the automated flows of Microsoft, you can now create the same immediate communications right from your Dynamics 365 environments – and scale your automation throughout the entire digital journey.

Whether you’re new to using Microsoft Flow or a veteran at all things Microsoft, check out this tutorial video and see how simple it is to search and use tyntec connectors.

The video shows how to build a flow that sends a message when a new appointment is created; get delivery status; and automatically update the appointment description with the delivery status. You can, of course, add the features to wherever you want in your flows.

Ready to get creative? Just to get you warmed up J, here’re a few tutorials you can start with:

tyntec WhatsApp Business

Send WhatsApp template messages directly from your flows. You can trigger the action for any customer notifications such as event registration. You can even add fallback SMS to make sure the message arrives even when the recipient doesn’t have data connection.
tyntec Viber Business

Send custom messages directly from your flows – and get delivery status, too. You can trigger the action for any marketing incidences such as scheduling meetings. To make sure your messages reach any mobile subscribers, even the ones without the Viber app, you can add fallback SMS just as easily.
tyntec SMS Business

Reach over 5 billion unique mobile subscribers globally for time-sensitive one-time passcodes, notifications and custom messages. You can help your sales team by automating personalized follow-ups via text messages and more.

tyntec Portability Check

Validate phone numbers, right from your flows, before sending text messages or calling. That will help you avoid failed attempts which translates into better user experience, lower communication cost, and higher ROI.

With the ease of click-and-select, you can now create new use cases and automate them – your opportunities are limitless!

Bring your own use case, and power it up with tyntec connectors.