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Playbook | WhatsApp Business - How Retailers Leverage WhatsApp in Covid-19 Times

The rise of digitization that has transformed the retail industry will intensify in a world changed
by the Coronavirus. Learn how Conversational Commerce with WhatsApp will help online retail
succeed in a post Covid-19 world.

Guide | Viber Starter Guide

Over 60% of consumers want to communicate with brands via messaging. In this guide, you will learn why and how to use one of the largest chat apps in the world: Viber. Get insights, trends, use cases and tips on how to get started.

Guide | The Essential WhatsApp Marketing Guide

The world of commerce is highly competitive, and the product has become a commodity. Today, companies are differentiating themselves in customer experiences throughout the buyer journey, from discovery to retention.

Guide | How to make smart WhatsApp chatbots

Did you get the memo? Gartner says by 2022, 70% of all customer interactions will involve tools like chatbots, machine learning and mobile messaging. R u ready? Here’s a clever way to put it all together. Get yourself a smart WhatsApp chatbot.

Finance Lookbook
Playbook | How Banks and Finance Companies Leverage WhatsApp

As the world’s leading chat app, WhatsApp is set to transform digital banking. Learn how to power customer conversations with WhatsApp for personalized banking services and increased conversions – without losing sight on security and GDPR compliance.

Lookbook | How WhatsApp Chatbots Jumpstart Conversational Commerce

What do you get when you combine the AI-powered digital assistant and the world’s number one chat app? Happy customers. More sales. Check out a collection of clever, helpful assistants by use case.

Whatsapp Playbook Travel
Playbook | WhatsApp Business - How Travel Brands Leverage WhatsApp Business to Reshape CX

As the leading chat app globally, WhatsApp is set to transform customer experiences in travel and tourism.  Learn how to leverage WhatsApp Business throughout the travel journey with our Playbook.

Intergrate shopify with whatsapp business
Guide | WhatsApp Business and Shopify

In an increasingly competitive online shopping market, Shopify merchants are looking to strengthen customer engagement to accomplish more conversions and loyalty. With WhatsApp, merchants can achieve a new level of engagement, with all of the tools needed for personalized, secure, and immediate support.

WhatsApp playbook: use WhatsApp for your CX today!
Playbook | WhatsApp Business - Benefits of WhatsApp Business for CX

WhatsApp is transforming the CX landscape with laggards being left behind by faster-moving competitors. It's important to understand why the WhatsApp Business API is set to become a core pillar of medium-to-large enterprise CX strategies.

Set Up WhatsApp Account Blog
Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Account in Less than 10 Steps

Getting access to the WhatsApp Business API doesn’t have to be complicated. tyntec guides you through this process and makes it even easier for you with this comprehensive checklist.

Security and GDPR with tyntec's WhatsApp Business API
Guide | WhatsApp, GDPR, & Security

The WhatsApp Business API allows you to reach your customers on their favorite channel — while adhering to regulations. At tyntec, privacy, secure data transmission, and encryption have been part of our philosophy for over 15 years — much longer before GDPR even existed.

Learn about conversational Commerce with tyntec
Guide | Mobile Chat

People like to chat. Now with businesses too, not just with their friends and family. Driven by easy-to-integrate communication APIs, companies are interacting with customers in more human-like ways.

Guide | WhatsApp Business Solution

Omnichannel engagement has been in enterprise agendas for a long time. Now, WhatsApp Business can accelerate the pace of omnichannel engagement and enrich conversational commerce. For enterprises eager to enhance customer conversations, it’s time to find out how WhatsApp Business works.

Multiauthentication Guide Cover Illustration - tyntec
Guide | Multifactor Authentication

Security is an ever growing topic in the business world. Today, businesses place both their reputation and financial health on the line when it comes to security measures. Protect your users against scam, phishing, and other fraud attempts with implementing multifactor authentication.

Guide | Retail Messaging

Messaging is the future channel of business communication. Real time communications, such as two-way messaging, helps retailers communicate for meaningful, personalized, and tailored customer conversations.

Portability Check Machine Communications ROI
Guide | Phone Number Data

Now with calling and texting, finally businesses can reach their customers immediately. In theory anyway. In practice, you also need some data from their phone numbers to make the magic happen.

Omnichannel Messaging for the Travel Industry
Guide | Messaging for the Travel Industry

Many industries are experiencing a transformation change. At the moment, the travel industry is being disrupted with the power of mobile messaging. Companies who embrace these new changes will prosper — make sure that you stay ahead of the competition by implementing messaging into your travel business.