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Rocco 2023

Enterprises and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have ranked tyntec as "Tier One" in A2P messaging for the fifth consecutive year

tyntec has been rated top-tier by both enterprises and MNOs in surveys conducted by ROCCO for five straight years. This achievement testifies to tyntec's commitment to exceeding expectations and maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the industry.

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Enterprises and Mobile Network Operators Ranked tyntec as Tier One for A2P Messaging

Setting a new benchmark in key performance indicators, tyntec garnered the Tier One rankings from both enterprise customers and mobile network operator partners in ROCCO surveys.

tyntec Rated Tier One A2P Messaging Provider by ROCCO Research – Three Years Running

Topping the charts across major KPIs, tyntec sets a new benchmark for the A2P messaging market, enabling more businesses to engage with consumers and secure online transactions

Microsoft Deploys tyntec Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Globally

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announces the integration of its WhatsApp, Viber and SMS connectors with Microsoft Dynamics 365.


tyntec Continues to Lead the A2P Messaging Industry with Tier One Provider Ranking Awarded by ROCCO Research

Serving as a benchmark for the industry, Company’s long-standing expertise in A2P messaging is recognized by the independent study conducted across 131 countries

Coronavirus: tyntec and Future of Voice develop WhatsApp bot for the German Red Cross

The German Red Cross (DRK) today announced the launch of a nationwide chatbot service to answer all questions about the coronavirus, COVID-19. Integrated with the world’s most popular chat app WhatsApp, the chatbot was developed by Future of Voice, a leading international agency for conversational AI from Berlin, in cooperation with the global cloud communications service provider tyntec and the dialog management system from Parloa.

tyntec brings WhatsApp Business API’s rich media features to its financial services client and help consumers receive account statements right on time

tyntec’s customer Tarjeta Plan Platino uses WhatsApp’s rich media capabilities – through tyntec’s Chat API – and changes how credit card statements are viewed by their customers.

tyntec and Ooredoo Announce Global A2P SMS Partnership

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Ooredoo Global Services, the wholesale arm of Ooredoo, one of the world’s fastest-growing telecommunications companies. Under the agreement, tyntec will provide A2P SMS services for a number of Ooredoo Group’s operating companies.

tyntec Leads the Industry with Tier One Provider Ranking In ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Performance Report

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced it was selected as one of the top three A2P SMS messaging vendors by 260 mobile network operators (MNOs) in an independent study conducted by The Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO). The survey, published in “A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2016,” is designed to help quantify performance criteria to assist MNOs in obtaining a wider perspective of the A2P SMS vendor landscape to improve decision-making. Out of a group of 32 A2P SMS providers, operators gave tyntec high marks on a total of 35 KPIs that are fundamental to the delivery of A2P SMS messaging services.

tyntec Powers Simple, Reliable and Private Conversations for Enterprises on WhatsApp

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced the company is now a WhatsApp Business solution provider. With this introduction, companies using tyntec’s platform-agnostic Chat API can now seamlessly connect and engage in private interactions with their customers on WhatsApp without switching to a new software or UI. To make it simpler for large, global companies to use the WhatsApp Business solution, tyntec has added enterprise-friendly, powerful features such as SMS-fallback to ensure global ubiquity, and configurable communication profiles to enable effortless switching to different channels – all through a single, easy-to-deploy API. With datacenters based in Germany, thus governed by GDPR, tyntec maintains high standards for data privacy, ensuring protection and security for enterprises.

Global Launch of Direct Autonomous Authentication® Averon and tyntec Join Forces

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, and Averon, developer of the world’s first fully automated security solution, today announced their strategic technology partnership. Leveraging tyntec’s extensive wireless carrier connectivity, the partnership will drive a global rollout for Averon’s Direct Autonomous Authentication® (DAA®). Averon’s technology provides instant, frictionless authentication, making it the easiest, fastest, and most secure identity verification solution on the market. tyntec, which provides many of the world’s leading internet companies and global enterprises with multifactor authentication services, will enable direct, international, wireless carrier connections for the DAA launch.

tyntec Wins 2017 Tech Culture Award from TMC

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, announced today that TMC, a leading global media company, has named the company a 2017 Tech Culture Award winner. This award recognizes organizations committed to continuously improving the work-life balances of their employees. In addition to celebrating these stand out companies, the award serves to distinguish technology companies seeking to attract top talent and honor those who, but not limited to, provide growth potential, onsite culinary and recreational benefits, team building atmosphere, flexible hours, tuition and training programs, and attractive investment options.

tyntec Develops New Way Forward for Enterprise Messaging Ecosystem

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today introduced a new proposal to build a robust framework in North America that fills the gap between person-to-person messaging (P2P) and application-to-person (A2P) messaging over short codes. The proposal focuses on making it easier for enterprises to connect with today’s consumers while enabling telecom operators to participate in a new interconnected global messaging ecosystem. The new framework addresses the demand and new uses for two-way mobile messaging, preserving what currently works and adding what’s missing for cloud-enabled enterprise communications.

tyntec Extends Leadership in Cloud Communications with Inter-Carrier Mssaging Service

tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced the launch of its Inter-Carrier Messaging Service (ICMS), which will create more competition in the messaging ecosystem. The service is designed to help network operators simplify the process of exchanging subscriber SMS and MMS to and from any wireless network, technology or protocol. Designed for the communications industry, ICMS provides carriers of all tiers across all countries under the North American Numbering Plan, along with value-added communications service providers, the benefit of greater choice and reduced cost.

tyntec Announces Financial Investment and New Corporate Structure

The realignment comes as tyntec enters its next phase of growth. With the growing enterprise demand for real-time communications utilizing messaging and voice, the cloud communications provider prepares to announce new services for person-to-person (P2P) messaging and the global Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) markets in the US and Canada.

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tt in the media - the interline

Why eCommerce Excellence Is Essential

The last twelve months have changed the channel mix for retail – perhaps forever. As we enter a holiday season unlike any other, we kick off our coverage of how to get eCommerce right, and why doing so simply isn’t optional.

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5 CX Trends to Help You Win Customers’ Hearts and Wallets in 2021

The world of commerce is continually changing and evolving as a direct impact of technological advances. In 2020, we learned how much technology can shape our experiences and how important it is to use it correctly to make customer journeys frictionless.

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tyntec in the media - CSM

Direct Messaging in Salesforce – the Path to Seamless Business Communication

After a tumultuous year, companies are finding themselves at crossroads, dealing with changes triggered by the pandemic not just on the customer side but also within their workforce.

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Using WhatsApp for 2FA is the Future of Banking

From user authentication and password resets to transaction verification, two-factor authentication (2FA) offers basic but useful protection for consumers. The 2FA process typically sends an SMS sent to the customer with a one-time password (OTP). The OTP is entered alongside an existing username and password, confirming the user is who they say they are.

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WhatsApp Business: Fashion’s new runway, storefront and service centre?

At first glance, digitisation and messaging should represent the very antithesis to traditional fashion shopping. Purchases are usually driven by trips to retail stores, waiting for a changing room, and gleaning all-important advice from fashion experts.

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The rise of conversational clienteling in COVID-19

The pandemic has hit every industry hard, and few more so than fashion retail. The sector has seen store closings and customers moving online — hardly an environment conducive to selecting and buying clothes — sidestepping one-to-one personal interactions with store staff who are so vital to creating great customer experiences and building loyalty.

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a2p sms for ooredoo & tyntec partnership

Ooredoo Inks Global A2P SMS Partnership with tyntec

tyntec will provide A2P SMS services for a number of Ooredoo Group's operating companies. By partnering with Ooredoo Group, the company is providing reliable way for enterprises to reach consumers on Ooredoo networks across the Middle East and Southeast Asia through a single provider.

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Mobile Customer Communications in a GDPR World

For years, retailers, travel and hospitality companies, banks and other businesses have relied on SMS and mobile chat to reach customers and provide efficient and rapid resolution for their issues. SMS has proven to be a more effective mobile marketing channel than any other.

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Eliminate Profile Fraud and Win the Fight for Consumer Trust

Social media sites are fraught with fake accounts and imposter profiles aimed at scamming money from users or promoting fake products in support of illegal businesses. These fake accounts, on Facebook and various dating sites, have frauded tens of millions of dollars from consumers around the world.

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Overcoming Blockchain’s Barriers in the Banking World

Blockchain technology stands as a promising disruptor for dozens of current industries, and an enabler of change that will bring forth new opportunities and revenue streams for financial institutions, realtors, retailers and more. Unlike anything that’s come before it, blockchain enables trusted digital relationships without a centralized administration.

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payment source authentication blog

PayThink Authentication is best Served as a Diverse Menu

Make no mistake: Blockchain technology stands as a promising disruptor for dozens of current industries, and an enabler of change that will bring forth new opportunities and revenue streams for financial institutions, realtors, retailers and more. Unlike anything that’s come before it, blockchain enables trusted digital relationships without a centralized administration.

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tyntec mentioned in dark reading

10 Steps for Creating Strong Customer Authentication

While multifactor authentication has been widely adopted by many businesses, rolling it out can be complicated and difficult, particularly in maintaining ease of use and access for customers. If security becomes a barrier, people will either look for a different provider or begin looking for ways to circumvent the security system. These steps and practices can help you implement authentication.

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beta news | tyntec

Greater transparency and digital transformation for AI

Thorsten Trapp, CTO and co-founder of tyntec thinks enterprises will find ways to fill the gaps in AI's ability rather than waiting for the technology to catch up. "Once initial human-like interaction has been established, deeper engagement and business transactions will be handled by micro/instant apps."

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The Fast Mode

Trends That Will Shape Enterprise Communication in 2018

Users are beginning to not only demand but expect that enterprises meet the experience level of private communication in every interaction. Users now have more choice over which communication channel to use and brands are starting to leverage new tools, such as chatbots, to provide better customer service.

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TMC Net | tyntec

New ICMS Cloud Communications Application Service

The new Inter-Carrier Messaging Service (ICMS) from tyntec is a cloud communications application that wants to remove these barriers by giving network operators a process that simplifies how subscriber SMS and MMS is exchanged to and from any wireless network, technology or protocol.

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tyntec in the media - Insightcare

Using WhatsApp to facilitate patient communication in private healthcare

From delayed treatments and phone-only consultations, medical providers have been forced to adapt their service offerings to ensure patients are kept as safe as possible during the pandemic. This approach has also presented new challenges for patient experience strategies created pre-COVID.

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tyntec in the media - ERP Today

How technology change has become a source of high street hope

Technology can help reinvent the high street and deliver a new era of lean and mean retailers capable and capturing the imagination of a digital native generation. (Pages 56 - 63)

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tyntec in the media - ET

How can the higher education sector leverage WhatsApp during COVID-19?

A small but vital part of the answer to the crisis facing UK higher education lies with students — typically Gen Z — and their digital expectations to interact mobile-first.

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tt-in-the-media - retailcustomerexperience

3 ways retailers can reduce return costs in 2021

Jean Shin, director strategy and content at tyntec, shares insight on why retailers need to meet the new digital experience standards set by customers to continue to grow post-pandemic. Accessibility and efficiency are crucial to making customers feel valued and remain loyal.

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tt-in-the-media - customer-think

Turning physical traffic into contacts with WhatsApp QR Codes

WhatsApp is easily the biggest messaging app with over two billion users, handily surpassing rivals like Viber and Line. It’s high time retailers leveraged WhatsApps’s full potential and invited as many customers as possible to chat with them on WhatsApp.

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