What’s New in 2020: tyntec’s Latest WhatsApp Developments


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Blog - tyntec’s Latest WhatsApp Developments

New integrations, chatbot ecosystem and media message templates are core developments of tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business in early 2020.

tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business keeps adding functions to make your life easier. Our latest sprint includes a new release for our API, the integration of media message templates and a bunch of integrations to top software (from Salesforce to Shopify), as well we a chatbot ecosystem to help you maximize your WhatsApp presence with automation.

Here are the latest additions to our WhatsApp Business solution:

Chatbot Ecosystem

Automation works well with WhatsApp Business. That’s why we keep expanding our chatbot ecosystem with innovative players in conversational AI:


Provide conversational experiences for your customers on WhatsApp by using the natural language processing power of Google's Dialogflow with tyntec's API for WhatsApp. Read more.


Rasa Open Source is a conversational AI framework for building contextual assistants that helps keep your customers engaged with your business. Read more.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Learn how to connect Microsoft Bot Framework with tyntec to support customer queries on WhatsApp in this tutorial. Read more.

Not yet sure if automation is the right thing for your WhatsApp conversations? Check our latest insights into why chatbots and WhatsApp are ideal partners for conversational CX.

If you want to connect tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business with bots, book a demo with us to discuss.


We have created a few integrations with leading software to ease your WhatsApp implementation. Check the latest tutorials


Integrate simple WhatsApp notifications in core areas of customer engagement – order confirmation, order cancellation and shipping information – with a webhook and a basic app in your Shopify Shop. Read more.


Follow these easy steps to integrate your existing Slack team account with WhatsApp. Read more.


Find out how to connect your company's Salesforce Organization with tyntec's Conversations Inbox + WhatsApp. This tutorial shows you how to access existing contact information that is directly available to you while you are conversing with customers on WhatsApp. Read more.

Microsoft Dynamics

Learn how to connect a custom application to Microsoft Dynamics 365, pull data from Dynamics and create records (chat log entities) using the API CRUD methods. This guide includes the code you can use to achieve all of these. Read more.

Get notified about the next integrations in our roadmap: Zapier and Zendesk. If you work with systems that aren’t yet listed here, book a demo with us and we’ll be happy to discuss a possible integration. 

Media Message Templates

The new Media Message Template feature extends the breadth of opportunities that businesses can leverage to anticipate customer needs. For example, banks can send account statements or invoices as PDF files via WhatsApp to their customers' smartphones, in line with GDPR requirements and security standards. Likewise, travel companies and airlines can use the format to send boarding passes and travel vouchers without having to wait for customers to reply.

If you already have a WhatsApp Business Account via tyntec, integrating this update into the API is easy. Check our Tech Docs for more information and our case study with Argentinian credit card company Tarjeta Plan Platino to see how they use media message templates to send out account statements. There’s no additional cost for setting up this feature with tyntec. Message fees also remain the same.

New API Release

We continue to work on our API for WhatsApp Business to add new functions and make your life easier! Our v2.8 allows you to:

  • Sending and receiving contacts via WhatsApp
  • Manage the group admins
  • Delete the Profile Logo (via Profile API)
  • Get the public URL for the profile logo (via Profile API)
  • Change the callback URLs for your webhooks via the Applications Self-Service
    • Right now we only support one application called “default”
    • The support for custom created applications is planned but not yet started.


For details, please check our API update on GitHub.

In addition, we have created a Webhook API that allows you to specify applications with webhooks. Check the documentation.


What’s more

If you have specific needs or simply want to ask more about how the new updates work, book a demo with us.