Seamless omnichannel communication is the way forward in 2023

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Revealed: tyntec’s top predictions for conversational commerce trends in 2023 (Part 2 of 4)


To start with, get channel management right

We now live in a world where consumers can interact with brands via multiple touchpoints. Ergo it’s crucial to ensure all channels are optimized and fully integrated so you can manage and deliver outstanding personalized experiences everywhere.

Go mobile or go home

If brands haven’t yet realized the importance of mobiles for shopping, they’re about to in 2023. After all, shoppers using their mobile devices currently make up 71% of retail traffic says Statista. Now factor in that sales made via mobile are predicted to reach up to 55% of all global retail e-commerce sales in 2023, according to 247 Commerce.

That means you must optimize your website and other channels for mobile as consumers are constantly looking for seamless and user friendly experiences—no matter the touch point. Giving 24/7 support and guidance throughout the sales journey will demonstrate to consumers you’re serious about providing a superior experience.

Omnichannel matters

With the pandemic slowly lifting, shoppers of all ages are returning to physical stores. However, they've come back with different expectations, now wanting to engage with brands wherever they choose—all the while expecting a flawless customer experience. To successfully address such expectations, manage any and all of your consumer messaging interactions effectively using an omnichannel communication platform such as tyntec’s Conversation Inbox.

Our platform brings together disparate messaging channels into one place for customer service agent and bots (or a mixture of both) to reply to. Best of all, with the right solution, any fresh customer insights—whether sourced in-chat or in-store—can be automatically fed back into your CRM.

Physical stores still have value

With e-commerce dominating in recent years, there has been a growing risk of physical stores becoming marginalized within omnichannel strategies. However, smart brands are now bringing the physical and virtual together to offer fully integrated customer experiences with the former acting as experience centers to help drive customer engagement and sales across all channels.

For instance, while in-store, sales agents can encourage their customers to sign up to receive messages. Customers can then receive personalized offerings via messaging—such as discount offers—after an in-store purchase. Expect this trend to grow in 2023.

“As we prepare for the future, it will be more important than ever for businesses to be available across a broad spectrum of channels, and to make sure you’re communicating the way people prefer to communicate.”

• David Cancel, founder and CEO of Drift, the conversational marketing platform specialist

Unlock your brand’s full potential in 2023: Go conversational!

In 2023 one thing is certain, conversational commerce will continue to grow in importance.

This year, brands must go conversational to remain relevant. With the right strategy—and the right partner—you can put your brand in forefront of customers minds wherever they are and whenever they need your guidance. Going conversational will help your brand deliver experiences that go beyond their expectations.

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