Phone Verification Boosting Customer Data Accuracy

Verify users, safely and easily with phone number information

Keeping with fresh and accurate customer data is a challenge in today’s mobile-driven era. However, have no fear; phone verification service is here!

Data quality has never been this critical to customer engagement. According to Experian, 74% of companies with customer engagement programs have a wide range of problems due to inaccurate customer information, such as lack of proper customer analytics and high outreach errors. Almost all organizations suffer from data entry errors, with as many as 77% of businesses believing this affects their bottom line, says IDMerit, an identity company.

Without data quality, it’s impossible for businesses to understand or stay in contact with their customers. While it’s easier to collect information about customers in this data-driven age, the question becomes whether this information is accurate, especially after a certain period of time. Data needs to be constantly checked and validated, allowing you to form closer bonds with your customers. Even if you have the most brilliant customer engagement strategy in place, it will fall apart without implementing proper data quality.

Phone Verification's Essential for Your Mobile Customer Strategy

So far, most companies have focused on email validation. But, phone numbers have become another way to identify people — and a pretty good one too. At the moment, 70% of the world’s population can be identified with a mobile phone number. This rate is expected to rise, as mobile commerce and user reliance on smartphones keeps growing. While validating email addresses remains an important part of verifying a user, it cannot be trusted as a single identifier alone. Fake emails are rife and easy to be used for fraud — in comparison with phone numbers, which are unique and difficult to steal. For example, when someone loses a phone, they take proactive action to recover it, or even block access in case it’s lost forever.

Using the phone number as core data to a mobile customer strategy, means phone verification becomes critical to establish phone number accuracy and validation. If you are already interacting with your customers on mobile – or intend to do it soon – phone verification is the best way to keep your data accurate and fresh. Especially at the onboarding a customer, requiring the phone number to register will make it possible to perform a real-time check, validating whether the phone number really exists, where it’s located, and whether it’s accurate. Over time, companies can keep data fresh in their customer databases with regular checks, ensuring that you interact with your customers with the most accurate information available.

Deliver more consistent data, improve your customer engagement rate, and run more efficient marketing with number verification. By affirming that the phone numbers you collect are accurate will prevent you from wasting time and money. Otherwise, resources will be spent on reaching out incorrect numbers.

Phone Verification with tyntec to Cleanse Your Database and Keep Your Customer Data Accurate

With tyntec Number Information Services, you can easily cleanse your customer database with real-time phone verification. Because tyntec is in fact an international operator recognized by ITU-T ((ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector), we give you deep access to the best connectivity worldwide to phone number data, as we maintain direct connections to operators.

We package the phone verification connectivity in two products, accessible via easy to integrate APIs:

  • Portability Check: Use tyntec’s Portability Check to keep your database clean. It will identify number types (mobile, landline), and help you minimize failed attempts.
  • Number Verification: When it’s critical to determine the transaction risk or raise your chance of conversion at a specific timeframe, turn to tyntec’s Number Verification. By accessing live data from the phone, it helps you identify the network, phone status, and geographic data.

A phone verification powerhouse, tyntec’s number information platform runs on tyntec’s patented technology and delivers best-in-class latency and high throughput, supporting your plans to upgrade customer data management.

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