New WhatsApp Features and API Improvements Released

WhatsAPp New features

Video, group messaging, and chat UI amongst the new releases by tyntec.

The latest release of tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business solution has arrived — with a bunch of new features and improvements! These should help you create epic connections with your customers, while giving you more efficiency with managing your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).

With the latest sprint, there are quite a few developments that will help you make the most of your WhatsApp account. Also, don’t forget to check out our Technical documentation for full support details. The latest additions to our WhatsApp Business solution are as follows:

Rich Messaging Additions

WhatsApp supports a variety of multimedia functions beyond text. At tyntec, we leverage the WhatsApp Business API to continually add more rich features for you — such as video, group messaging, and location!

Video Messaging

video messaging | tyntec

Video Messaging

Photos and PDFs are nice, but videos are better. For example, it’s much more efficient to send a short video clip that explains how to install and use your product, rather than communicate the same information via messaging or infographics. With tyntec, you can leverage the full power of rich media content — now supporting video messaging for WhatsApp Business API

Group Messaging

Group Messages

Group Messaging

Personalize customer communications even further! WhatsApp Groups already figures large in many customers' lives so using it in their professional lives as well will be a natural step for them. With this new feature, you enable agents or advisors to connect directly with customers with dedicated group profiles. Think about conversations with VIP clients, event organizers, consulting services and product launches with interested prospects; these can all be powered by Group Messages. You can get more information here

How to create a new group on tyntec’s API for WhatsApp Business:

curl -X POST \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H "apikey: $API_KEY" \
  -d '{
               "subject" : "Group Subject"
    "creationTime": "1564642001",
    "groupId": "4923147790717-1564642001"
# Update the group icon

curl -X PUT \ \
  -H 'Content-Type: image/jpeg' \
  -H "apikey: $API_KEY" 
201 Created

Location Messaging

whatsapp blog

Location Messaging

It’s all about location, location, location! With the new location feature, companies can send end-users a location whenever they request it — such as with, finding technical support outlets in their area. Also, end-users can send companies their location if they need help navigating their surroundings — like searching for the nearest ATM or gas station.  The information this feature provides includes the longitude, latitude, name, and the address of the desired location. If you’d like more information on our new location feature — click here

On inbound and outbound messages locations can now be shared.

They are of content type location and are represented like in this example:

"location" : {
  "longitude": 7.4954884,
  "latitude": 51.5005765,
  "name": "tyntec GmbH",
  "address": "tyntec GmbH, Semerteichstraße, Dortmund"

API Improvements

Maximize efficiency for WhatsApp Business with tyntec’s latest API improvements — including self-service functions.

UserContext and Callback URL per Message

tyntec tracks your identifier for you, so you can easily map your callbacks.  Upon notice, we will even route the delivery notification to the right location when you run multiple deployments.

User Interface: Conversations Inbox

For customers that prefer handling WhatsApp chat messages on a separate User Interface (UI), at tyntec we now have available a Conversations Inbox — helping you manage your chat conversations with your customers. With this user interface (UI) dedicated to support chat messaging — your agents can easily help your customers using WhatsApp and a variety of chat apps.

WhatsApp Chat UI | tyntec

With this UI, you can manage all your WhatsApp messages, sharing images, documents, videos and locations whenever needed. Also, you can integrate AI functions to maximize conversation efficiency, as well as adding CRM/Salesforce integration. Find more information here or book a live Webinar Session

What’s more…

A ton of new features and improvements are coming out still in 2019. Do you have specific needs? Please let us know! Find out more information on our Technical documentation or get in touch with us