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Marketers are constantly competing for the attention of customers and potential customers through a wide array of advertising channels, from billboards to mobile advertisements. Now check out how WhatsApp can link to Facebook ads!

Link your Facebook Ads with WhatsApp Business to personalize your marketing

Facebook has become a top business tool for marketers and for obvious reasons — the platform hosts over 2.2 billion users. Many of these users regularly and frequently engage with Facebook. The average Facebook daily users spend an average of 41 minutes a day viewing a custom stream of content, including highly targeted ads.

Precision Targeting Customers

One of the reasons Facebook has become a dominant force in marketing is because advertisers can focus their ads based on the interests of different users. For example, with Facebook tools, advertisers can select users according to a wide array of dimensions such as age, gender, education, relationship status, and employment characteristics. This allows a marketer promoting interior design to reach people with interest in home and garden, renovations, and urban living.

Marketers invest in demographics research to understand their market and ad creators invest a significant amount of time designing ads that attract customers, but then too often, lead their prospects to a generic web site landing page. This approach is highly tailored and personalized up to the point of prompting a potential customer to act on your offer. Rather than bringing these would be customers to a generalized, impersonal solicitation, give them a more tailored response that lets them speak to a knowledgeable representative.  Fortunately, there is a more effective way to drive customer engagement.

Linking Facebook Ads with WhatsApp Click-to-Chat for Conversational Marketing

The Click-to-Chat functionality allows streamlined integration between Facebook advertising and WhatsApp Business. The combination of Facebook ads that are linked to a WhatsApp Business Account gives marketers the ability to reach a target audience with a focused message and personalized follow through via the largest chat app worldwide.

Customer Conversations Directly on Facebook with a WABA

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This link is possible when the company has integrated the WhatsApp Business API, allowing it to converse with customers with its very own WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). This enables companies to initiate a personalized conversation, instead of taking your customers from their personalized Facebook feed to a generic web page.

For example, hotels may use specialized Facebook ads to attract guests during lull periods when occupancy rates are down. Then instead of prompting them with a standard form asking for travel dates, your business can engage in a personalized conversation about the guest's travel plans. This kind of custom-tailored experience would set your ad and offer apart from competitors using conventional, web-based interactions.

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Forcing a customer to enter every specific option is tedious and likely to lose the guest before making a reservation. In a messaging environment, however, the guest can explain to a travel professional their travel possibilities and solicit suggestions. In this scenario, the guest is likely to find a desirable match with their needs faster and with less effort than if they had worked with a conventional web site form.

Click-to-Chat is an easy way to leverage Conversational Marketing first-hand, linking from your Facebook Ads and enabling your customer to discover your products and services with a solicited message.

    Conversational Marketing with WhatsApp Business Solution

    While starting a customer interaction with promotional messages on WhatsApp Business is not allowed, when a customer solicits this information, companies can naturally send promotional and product messages. Shifting your marketing towards conversations is a personalized way of gaining new customers.

    How tyntec Creates Conversational Marketing with WhatsApp 

    Your business can move from a conventional “Facebook ad to website offer” to a more personalized “Facebook ad to a conversational model” of selling by getting started with WhatsApp Business API. We at tyntec are ready to help you establish your presence on the WhatsApp Business platform, so you can benefit from the personalized customer outreach that Facebook enables.

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