How To Make the Business Case WhatsApp For Business - 5 Quotes from C-Suites

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Win over boardrooms who remain skeptical about WhatsApp for Business, using these quotes from execs who've successfully leveraged the platform to transform customer experience.

It can be tough championing a new technology, a new platform, well, a new anything to a board. For a cynical C-Suite used to hyperbole about 'the next big thing,' the reaction to being pitched WhatsApp for Business might well be muted.

WhatsApp Business as part of customer engagement

To help advocates successfully make the case for WhatsApp for Business, we have pulled together the following quotes and impact assessments from C-Suites who've made the leap and are now reaping the rewards. From faster interactions and higher sales conversations, to cost savings and increased security, they demonstrate why WhatsApp should be an integral part of any modern customer engagement and services:

1. Marketing and Sales from swift service: GlobeAir

The European private jet charter company that supplies on-demand chartered flights to its clientele.

“Using WhatsApp, our clients are not only getting their questions answered but also receive their contracts and access to our payment portal, enabling them to complete the entire booking process in minutes."

– Bernhard Fragner, CEO at GlobeAir.

Impact of WhatsApp for Business for GlobeAir:

• Increased the speed of answering customers by 225%.

• Shortened its booking cycle and increased purchasing rates by 20% because of WhatsApp's instant interactions between customers and sales agents.

• Raised website-sourced sales leads by 27% by adding WhatsApp to its Contact page.

2. Supercharged security for One Time Password: Tokopedia

The largest peer-to-peer eCommerce platform in Indonesia that uses One-Time Password (OTP) validation to combat fraud and enhance security.

“We utilize the WhatsApp platform and its reliability to support a seamless authentication experience for our users. The new OTP validation through WhatsApp has made communication easier, thanks to the better user experience."

– Reska Donaga, Business Lead at Tokopedia.

Impact of WhatsApp for Business for  Tokopedia:

• Experienced a 10% increase in OTP success rates compared to other channels with 26% of all OTP validations coming through WhatsApp.

• Achieved a 58% higher delivery rate compared to SMS, which is one of the most popular ways to send passcodes.

3. Customer Engagement surge: Sale Stock

The fashion startup using the WhatsApp Business API to dramatically enhance its customer service.

"Tapping into WhatsApp has brought a huge impact for Sale Stock and there's still plenty of potential to be explored. The delivery rate, engagement and ease of integration offered by WhatsApp Business can't be compared to other channels."

– Wahyu Saputra, Head of Product at Sale Stock.

Impact of WhatsApp for Business for Sale Stock:

• Achieved a 90% read rate on all delivered messages.

• Experienced nearly 2x higher message read rate than SMS.

• Has now become the number one source of inbound chat traffic.

4. Donation volume boost: Milaap

The Indian crowdfunding platform used for sourcing donations for social causes, personal needs, emergency situations, and more. The service has raised US$80 million to date.

“Implementing WhatsApp Business API has impacted our business very positively. We have seen a considerable hike in the number of user sessions and donation volume, all thanks to WhatsApp."

– Anoj Viswanathan, Co-founder & President of Milaap.

Impact of WhatsApp for Business for Milaap:

• Experienced a 2x higher gross donation volume using WhatsApp compared to traditional channels including email and web.

• Drove down operational costs with WhatsApp thanks to 30% lower costs when compared to SMS.

5. Modernized experiences and higher conversion rates: EF International Language Campuses

The global educational company with over 600 schools and offices serving both students and professionals.

“With the implementation of WhatsApp Business, we can contact prospective students in a faster and more efficient way. We are able to reach our target audience when they are the most receptive and we are most relevant to them, now that we speak the same language."

– Lucas Galceran, Global Director Marketing Automation at EF.

Impact of WhatsApp for Business for EF International Language Campuses:

• Achieved a 2x higher response rate compared to phone calls because the company provided a modern channel that is consistently used by the next generation of learners.

• Experienced a 3x higher conversion rate—requesting a brochure and then registering for an EF programme—compared to phone calls.



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