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Is WhatsApp Business on your radar? Choosing a WhatsApp Business partner is a big deal. Here are a few criteria you should watch out for when looking for a provider.

Integrating WhatsApp into your customer communications strategy is a no-brainer. After all, the world's most popular messaging application boasts an impressive 2 billion users. For a seamless process, you'll need to select the right partner to help you create, host and service your WhatsApp Business account.

What criteria are important to help you select the right provider for you? We have compiled the eight most pressing points that our customers-to-be consider when selecting a provider - and how tyntec answers these questions.

#1 - Am I allowed to bring my own number?

Your business phone number is an essential arm of your operations and needs to anchor all outgoing communication. Omnichannel experiences are on the rise and, to make sure it works, the communications should be centralized on one phone number.

Pick an authorized provider who will allow you to use your own number instead of insisting on selling you a new one. tyntec, for example, will let you use your own phone number, whether it's mobile or a landline, toll-free or otherwise. Countries like Germany allow landlines to even accommodate a two-way SMS or WhatsApp messaging channel.

#2 - Which WhatsApp features do I want?

Simply having a WhatsApp Business account doesn't mean that you will be able to access all of its features. Especially since the messaging app rolls out new features frequently, authorized partners pick and choose the ones they believe are most important. Ensure — and periodically review — that the provider you select supports the WhatsApp features you're looking for.

WhatsApp Group messaging, which tyntec supports, can help businesses foster brand loyalty and deliver consistent messaging to customers who choose to opt in. A gym, for example, can roll out weekly workouts to select members who sign up for services. Media messaging templates, which allow you to craft messages that customers expect, is another WhatsApp must-have feature that tyntec supports. E-commerce shipping labels or hotel check-in nudges fall under this category.

#3 - Will the provider help deflect my Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to WhatsApp?

Deflecting your IVR from more expensive voice channels to low-cost WhatsApp can cut your customer support costs while delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. WhatsApp can service your entire customer base regardless of whether your customers like to interact through messaging or prefer a live agent. However IVR deflection is a complicated, multi-step process, something a knowledgeable partner like tyntec can walk you through.

#4 - How do I want to integrate WhatsApp Business?

Before selecting a partner, you need to think about how you want to integrate WhatsApp. Do you want to integrate it on an existing system, like a CRM, contact center or ticketing system? If so, what system would you integrate the API? Are there any pre-built integrations available?

Or do you want to use a separate platform for WhatsApp chats?

Having this requirement set will help you define the provider that can best fulfill your integration needs.

With tyntec, you can have flexible integration options with an API ready to be integrated onto any platform, pre-built integrations with SaaS like Salesforce, Shopify, Hubspot and more, as well as an Conversations Inbox to manage chat conversations in a separate platform. At the same time, we don't leave our customers alone with the integration. For example, we have helped our GlobeAir, a private jet company, to integrate WhatsApp with Slack.

#5 - Will the provider accommodate chatbots?

Because of artificial intelligence and powerful natural language process algorithms, chatbots are becoming increasingly efficient at CX, delivering significant operational savings. If you're exploring chatbots, look at partners that are already moving in this direction. WhatsApp API providers add value either by providing chatbots themselves, partnering with experts or via pre-built integrations. tyntec's API for example, integrates with intelligent chatbots like Rasa, Plantt and Dialogflow, making room for automation in your future business plans.

#6 - Are customer privacy and data security top priorities?

GDPR and the growing clamor for customer opt-in requirements coupled with the increasing number of data breaches mean that companies can no longer leave privacy and data security as an afterthought. Look for providers like tyntec who are GDPR compliant and weave security into all processes.

#7 - What does their service model look like?

Depending on your level of comfort with the API, you might want a certain level of self-service, leaving a hands-on approach only for more complicated challenges.

tyntec offers a range of self-service options, including our Profile and webhook API, as well as message template management.

#8 - Is the pricing transparent?

At first blush it might look tempting to run with a provider who simply bundles all charges for you. While this may sound uncomplicated, there are issues like lack of transparency in the message pricing and high margins that you won't even notice. If you prefer to pay for what you actually use, watch out for "easy" packages like that.

tyntec offers a true pay-as-you-go model. We charge a monthly fee to cover the setup, hosting, maintenance and service aspects and message fees only. There are no setup fees and no hidden charges. We are proud to help our customers to be onboarded successfully and also help them when they have special requirements.

#9 – How fast is WhatsApp onboarding?

Is it taking you forever to get onboarded on WhatsApp? Setting up a WhatsApp Business Account doesn’t have to be complicated or take long. Many companies need a quick onboarding to start using WhatsApp in near real-time.

To get you started whenever you need to, tyntec offers a lightning speed onboarding option – with full consultation and step by step guidance provided by a dedicated WhatsApp Business solution expert.

What criteria are important for you?

When you do need service from your authorized WhatsApp business provider, you need somebody who is responsive when contacted and who resolves problems efficiently and correctly.

tyntec has a track record of satisfied customers. Take the example of Shrinath Balakrishnan, CTO at Source, who shared this testimonial:

“Unlike most other providers, tyntec responded very quickly and explained all technical details such as getting opt-ins and pricing plans very patiently without trying to layer the offers with things we didn't need."

Different companies have different needs. What requirements are important for you to move forward with WhatsApp? Let us know what criteria you have in mind. Contact us for more information or request access now.

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