Are WhatsApp newsletters replacing traditional email newsletters?

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Are WhatsApp newsletters replacing traditional email newsletter?

So short, so simple. Are they really worth the hype? We say yes! 

With the amount of emails flooding our inboxes everyday, it's become harder than ever for marketers to get their messages across. But thanks to WhatsApp newsletters, it's possible to connect with customers in a meaningful way—and get them to listen. 

Here’s a fact for you: Customers are more likely to open a WhatsApp message than a traditional email newsletter. They’ll also be more likely to engage with you on this channel. With a Whatsapp newsletter, you can send customers timely updates on new products, discounts, and promotions that they won't want to miss out on. 

So if you're looking for an effective way to start conversations with your customers, a Whatsapp newsletter might just be the answer! 

How is a WhatApp Newletter different from a traditional one?

Unlike a traditional email newsletter, a WhatsApp newsletter is sent in message format—through your brand’s WhatsApp Business account. It’s more personal in that customers receive it through a channel that they associate with family and friends. Plus, you send the message to a carefully selected audience with only one specific goal in mind (share an offer, a discount, a product announcement, etc.)

WhatsApp remains the most popular app for chats

We’re all constantly bombarded by marketing and advertising campaigns no matter what channels we’re on. WhatsApp can help you break through all of the noise. People tend to trust messages they receive through WhatsApp more than through a traditional email.  Let’s face it, email newsletters usually just end up in the spam folder, unopened. Plus, WhatsApp messaging allows your customers to have immediate responses to any inquiries they may have. Email newsletters on the other hand don’t quite have this human, instantaneous feel. 

Sending WhatsApp newsletters: the advantages

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messaging channel—it’s likely your customers already have it installed on their phones and desktops. On top of that, messages have a mind-boggling 98% open rate on WhatsApp. As if it couldn’t get any better, here are a few more advantages over the traditional email newsletter.

WhatsApp newsletter advantages

So, is it time to drop traditional newsletters entirely?

Yes, of course! You should definitely drop the traditional newsletter and only use WhatsApp newsletters. APRIL FOOLS.

WhatsApp newsletter don't replace traditional ones

Jokes aside, please keep this in mind: 

While WhatsApp newsletters are doubtlessly an great way for you to reach your customers, they shouldn't replace email marketing. 

The reason comes down to the fact that they are both used slightly differently. Email marketing allows you to reach a larger audience with more detailed information—and at a much higher frequency. Whatsapp marketing on the other hand are sent far less frequently, but with highly relevant messages. It’s best to have a balance between the two to be most effective. 

How customers sign up for WhatsApp newsletter

There are two ways for your customers to sign up for newsletters on WhatsApp:

Sign up for WhatsApp newsletter

To get customers to opt-in, consider placing a button in a popup window, thank you page, social media, or email (where you could also add a QR code).

Offering them an incentive is the most effective way to ensure they actually sign up for the newsletter. Consider offering them an exclusive discount or early bird access to an upcoming product launch.

How to get more opt ins

Once your customers have signed up to receive WhatsApp messages, you can begin to collect opt-ins and double opt-ins. So, don’t worry about the GDPR, WhatsApp newsletter are compliant as long as your customers have opted in. Your subscribers will also be able to easily opt-out anytime.

Only contact opt ins

Conversational commerce is the future

By going conversational, you open up a whole new world of opportunity for your brand. Conversational commerce (c-commerce) provides companies with a powerful tool for communicating in a personalized, immediate, and on-brand way. It allows you to support your customers at every stage of the shopping journey—all in real time and on their preferred channels.

Of all channels, Whatsapp in the channel to start conversations. WhatsApp newsletters are an excellent tool to add to your c-commerce strategy. You can communicate with your customers in real-time, while offering them highly personalized and relevant incentives or information to push them along the sales funnel. 

WhatsApp is the channel for conversations

How to get started on WhatsApp

Create customer love using WhatsApp Business. These days, your customers craves a deeper connection that is fostered by conversation. They expect to have one-on-one communication and want it anytime that is convenient for them—WhatsApp couldn’t be a better tool for this.

Give it a try—the results will surprise you. We're here to help you reach your marketing and sales goals using WhatsApp Business. 

At tyntec, we’re communication experts. We also happen to be a WhatsApp Business Platform solution provider—which means we can get your conversations running on WhatsApp in no time. Setting up your WhatsApp communication is a piece of cake. 

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