7 Resolutions for Adopting WhatsApp Business Best Practice in 2020


Fully commit to optimizing customer experience in 2020 by adopting seven best practices for successful WhatsApp Business use.

Keeping New Year's resolutions is tough. Research reveals that 80% of people who resolve to cut out a bad habit or introduce a great one fail by February. Not a great track record, right? But for companies determined to leverage WhatsApp Business, the stakes are higher than any personal lapse in willpower.

After all, committing to the messaging platform requires time, investment, and resources to truly transform CX. So, to ensure a good return on investment, tyntec presents seven resolutions guaranteed to keep WhatsApp Business strategies fighting fit through 2020 and beyond:

Resolution #1: “We will talk to next-gen consumers on their terms, not ours."

Thanks to Gen Z, the language of CX is changing, with many consumers demanding more personalized experiences delivered by mobile. WhatsApp Business is ideally placed to address this thanks to its message open rates of over 90%, compared to just 17.92% for email.

Committing fully to this change can pay dividends. Just ask EF International Language Campuses, a company that deployed WhatsApp to "reach our target audience when they are the most receptive." EF subsequently experienced a two-times higher response rate and a three-times higher conversion rate compared to phone calls.

Resolution #2: “We will always put the customer first… and that includes their opt-in."

Bottom line? If a company does not use correct customer opt-in procedures, it risks being banned from the WhatsApp service. From exacting image and text usage through to correct 'onboarding flows,' the process is strict and more complex than some may think. However, get those opt-ins right, and the benefits of servicing properly signed-up customers can be substantial.

Resolution #3: "We will never, ever broadcast a newsletter via WhatsApp."

Be aware that if a company is caught trying to mass-mail customers with newsletters and other missives via the platform, it will now be subject to legal action by WhatsApp. Bad actors who think they can still game the system would be wise to remember that WhatsApp already removes two million accounts per month due to bulk or automated behavior.

Resolution #4: "We will explore all of WhatsApp's functionality to ensure great ROI."

The messaging platform offers useful functionality that some companies may not yet have realized. For instance, tyntec's group messaging service enables businesses to create WhatsApp groups for specific sets of opted-in customers.

These enable the company to deliver essential updates, garner feedback, and announce new products or services. As demonstrated by over one billion personal groups on WhatsApp already, they are an excellent way for people to bond — and now businesses can use groups to deepen their customer relationships too.

Resolution #5: “We will learn from WhatsApp Business pioneers… before our competitors do."

tyntec's clients have already been acing WhatsApp Business in 2019, never mind 2020. They are finding better ways to provide their customers with great CX experience, so it's worth taking the time to learn from such trailblazers.

These include GlobeAir, which has increased its customer response speed by 225% and driven up purchasing rates by 20%. Then there's polymer supplier Source.One that has reduced order completion times by a staggering 99.4%, while increasing sales by 30% — all thanks to the smart, proactive deployment of WhatsApp Business.

Resolution #6: “We will not get our biz blocked because we forgot to read the small print."

Failing to adhere to WhatsApp's policies will see a company blocked, or perhaps even permanently banned. To fend off a fallout with WhatsApp, enterprises must learn the platform's rules inside out, including the Business PolicyCommerce Policy, and Terms of Service. Need help deciphering the information? Check out tyntec's dedicated guide.

Resolution #7: “We will try our very hardest to create something unique using WhatsApp."

That's a big ask, sure, but WhatsApp is more than just a messaging platform, and it's able to offer genuinely surprising ways to engage with customers. Think Walmart's invite-only concierge service, Jetblack, that enables customers to send a single, prearranged 'trigger' word to dispatch a particular item automatically. Or Fit Foodie Buddy that sends opted-in customers recipes via WhatsApp based on the contents of their pantry.

Or how about Milaap that uses WhatsApp to crowdfund donations for social causes, and has raised $80 million so far? All demonstrate that WhatsApp can challenge CX convention, enhance customer journeys — and even help raise serious money for serious causes.

WhatsApp Business: Years Ahead

By adopting tyntec's seven-resolution strategy, enterprises will give themselves the best possible chance of enjoying a return on their WhatsApp Business investment, all before 2021 rolls round. More importantly, customers will benefit from optimized CX, greatly increasing the prospects of their repeat business over years ahead.