Webinar: Unlocking your Mobile Security Potential: Get the Key to Effective Two-Factor Authentication

Struggling with user authentication or low conversion rates with registration? This webinar provides valuable tips and insights on using effective SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) and One-Time-Passwords (OTPs) to grow conversion rates and improve customer experience.

tyntec Advantage - Sophisticated Simplicity

A short introduction to tyntec’s sophisticated simplicity, enabling customers with reliable, fast, global and easy-to-integrate services.


Part I - OTT: Threats and Opportunities

In part I of this three-part video series, tyntec CTO Thorsten Trapp discusses the threats and opportunities identified in mobilesquared's whitepaper on OTT services and what they mean for Operators.

Part II - OTT: Operator Strategies

What is the best way for Operators to succeed in the new OTT landscape? tyntec CTO Thorsten Trapp discusses the different operator strategies outlined in mobilesquared's whitepaper and identifies their strengths and weaknesses.

Part III - OTT: The Future Landscape

In the final part of this three-part video series, tyntec CTO Thorsten Trapp discusses the implications of the results and data in mobilesquared's whitepaper and how he sees the OTT landscape developing.

OTT Services: How Operators Can Overcome the
Fragmentation of Communication

In this full-length version of the interview, tyntec CTO Thorsten Trapp discusses the results and implications of mobilesquared's whitepaper on OTT Services: How Operators can overcome the Fragmentation of Communication".