With over ten years experience in the telecommunications industry, our core competency is to enable the easy integration of three key telco services –  SMS, voice and mobile numbers – to our customers.


From start-ups to many of the world’s premier companies, we deliver flexible and scalable telco services to over 500 businesses around the world. As a result, we have built up a reputation for exceptional reliability and service. We back this up with unparalleled network coverage and the ability to create robust and customizable solutions thanks to our expert team of developers and engineers.

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What are you looking for?

Use SMS/voice in social media, internet & apps

Internet, social media and mobile app companies can easily go mobile by integrating SMS, voice and mobile numbers into web-based services.


Use SMS/voice in your business

Any business can use tyntec's high quality and easy-to-integrate SMS and voice services in a wide range of use cases - from mobile alerts to airline check-ins.


Resell SMS

SMS aggregators and resellers can take advantage of our global, reliable and cost effective 2-way SMS services.


Get mobile numbers

If you are looking into virtual mobile numbers (MSISDNs/DID/DDI), please check our mobile numbers offerings enabled for SMS & voice.

Generate revenues for operators and MVNOs

Mobile operators can partner with tyntec to get additional revenue through the provision of network connectivity for SMS termination as well as long numbers.


And more!

Please contact us for an in-depth discussion with our sales team. 


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