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How enterprises can power mobile enablement

What’s the weakest link between you and your customers or employees? One of the biggest challenges for any business is building trust, security, and access with increasingly mobile customers and workforces.

Making mobile enablement work for you—with all the immediacy and convenience of mobile and the scale and flexibility required for enterprise—is at the center of tyntec’s enterprise offerings.

  • Acquire and convert users

  • Accelerate customer support

  • Secure access and prevent fraud

  • Enhance collaboration

  • Enable telecom-web convergence


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      Latest Research
      BYOD User Survey 2015: Employees’ Choice for Mobility

      In our latest whitepaper, get the data on employee preference when it comes to personal devices in the workplace and where their concerns lie. It shows a shift in how employees are choosing to work, with personal mobile phones gaining higher adoption. 

      This tyntec survey gathered responses from over 1300 professionals working in the US, UK and Spain. The results revealed that BYOD is the new norm across the board, but employers are lagging when it comes to policy. Employees expressed privacy and reimbursement concerns as well as a strong preference for separate phone numbers for work and personal use.