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tyntec WhatsApp Business

tyntec is a communications platform providing simple access for businesses to connect with people via WhatsApp Business and other channels.

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What you'll need

  1. A Microsoft Power Apps or Power Automate plan with custom connector feature
  2. tyntec API Key
  3. WhatsApp Business Account provided by tyntec

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get tyntec's prebuilt connector for the WhatsApp Business API right on Power Automate and trigger WhatsApp messaging directly from your Dynamics environment.

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Works with

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Power Automate

Other connectors


(WhatsApp Business monthly fees and message fees apply)


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Prebuilt Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365

To enable you to trigger WhatsApp messages from your Dynamics 365 environment, tyntec provides the prebuilt connector “tyntec WhatsApp Business." 

It allows you to send all content types supported by our Conversations API, and update your customer knowledge base with the WhatsApp messages using Microsoft Power Automate. You can also integrate the connector with any supported Power Automate connectors, any Power Apps and Azure Logic Apps.

Key features


  • convert opportunities quicker by triggering instant messaging incidents when sales queries are entered, and more.


  • connect customer journey moments by triggering engagement conversations, informed by the shared customer knowledge base.


  • reduce operating costs by connecting virtual assistants to chat apps your customers use on a daily basis.


  • enable internal-external teams to communicate instantly and improve efficiency and productivity for remote workers.

Connect it

  1. Go to Power Automate and create a flow and pick a flow trigger.
  2. Select the tyntec WhatsApp Business connector to use the service for the flow.
  3. Go to your Dynamics 365 (any Dynamics product you’re using), and trigger instance.

It’s that simple. You can use it for any instance you wish — and update your customer knowledge base with the messages you received via WhatsApp to personalize the experience further.


Made for

Both technical and non-technical users of Dynamics 365 who are looking to enhance communication capabilities with instant, two-way messaging.


Business Users

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System Integrators

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