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With more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp around the world to send 60 billion messages every day, the chat app has revolutionized the way we communicate. With an enterprise-grade API, companies can now send notifications and provide customer service through WhatsApp in a secure, reliable, and customer-friendly way.

Quality Rating

WhatsApp relies on user feedback to measure the quality of your Message Templates in a rolling window of the past 24 hours. The quality rating is based on sentiment and user feedback received by WhatsApp. If a user blocks or reports your Message Template, it will directly impact the quality rating for a Message Template. WhatsApp quantifies the amount of negative user feedback and flags your Message Templates accordingly.


The monitored feedback results mainly in 4 different states a Message Template can have.

Message Template Status



The Message Template has yet to receive quality feedback from your customers.


The Message Template has received little to no negative customer feedback.


Your Message Template has received some negative feedback from multiple customers and may soon be paused or disabled by Meta. You can still use the Message Template.


Your Message Template has received more negative feedback from your customers. The Message Template may soon be paused or disabled by Meta. Please address the issues that customers are reporting.

If your account reaches a low quality rating, your WABA status will change to paused or disabled.

Message Template Status



The Message Template has been paused by Meta due to recurring negative customer feedback. You cannot send messages to customers using this Message Template. For more details about the pausing of Messages Templates, check Meta’s documentation.


The Message Template has been disabled by Meta due to recurring negative customer feedback. You cannot use this template any longer.

Improve Quality Ratings

There are many ways to improve the quality rating of your Message Templates. Check out our guide for higher quality ratings below.


    • Ensure that the content of your Message Template complies with WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce policies.



    • Only send templated messages to users who opted in to receive them


    • Avoid sending the same templated message in a row (for example, multiple welcome messages)


    • Avoid sending too many templated messages in one day


    • Send relevant information and optimize your contents to fit customer needs


    • If you run a chatbot for WhatsApp, make sure that your chatbot sends relevant messages