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Channel | WhatsApp Business

With more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp around the world to send 60 billion messages every day, the chat app has revolutionized the way we communicate. With an enterprise-grade API, companies can now send notifications and provide customer service through WhatsApp in a secure, reliable, and customer-friendly way.

Security measures by tyntec

At tyntec, we continue to strengthen our security controls and standards every day, supporting secure conversations for WhatsApp Business and beyond.

  • Multiple security transmission options like VPN or TLS ensure that the messaging data reaches our platform without exposure. 
  • Regular penetration tests and automated vulnerability scans control the effectiveness of security design decisions and proactively identify possible security flaws. 
  • Automatic deletion of all relevant files after six months. 
  • Use of encrypted partitions for data storage servers, adhering to data privacy requirements. 
  • No use of third-party cloud providers. By hosting our own systems, we have an edge in system monitoring and control. 
  • We encrypt/pseudonymize wherever possible, segregate data, networks, and systems, and control access to facilities, including tyntec-owned ECB-S grade data center.