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Channel | WhatsApp Business

With more than 2 billion people using WhatsApp around the world to send 60 billion messages every day, the chat app has revolutionized the way we communicate. With an enterprise-grade API, companies can now send notifications and provide customer service through WhatsApp in a secure, reliable, and customer-friendly way.

Send your first message

After your business has been verified, your WhatsApp Business Profile is set up, and you can start exchanging messages.

🎁 Don’t forget you’ve got 1,500 complimentary test messages on your verified, live WhatsApp Business Profile! The test messages are enabled directly on the API, and you can use them before your first payment.

To unlock the value of your live WhatsApp Business Profile, you will need three prerequisites:

  • Submit Message Templates for approval to initiate conversations with your contacts 
  • Collect opt-ins via your communication channels if you’re planning to initiate conversations
  • Add credits to your tyntec account to send messages once your free messages have been used. 

Submit your message templates

You can submit your Message Templates in two ways:


    1. Log in to your tyntec account and proceed to the Message Template Manager. Check instructions here.


    1. Use the Message Template API.


ℹ️ If you use the Conversations Inbox, you can also manage your message templates via the Conversations Inbox API.

ℹ️ Looking for do’s and dont’s on how to create your message template? Check our best practices and our overview of message templates.

Collect opt-ins

You must collect opt-ins before initiating a conversation with a customer using WhatsApp. This means you need to reach out to your customers for their consent via one of the existing communications channels – a ‘third party channel’ – and not through WhatsApp itself; think email, website, SMS, customer service call, IVR, app, etc. It’s also important to understand that the opt-in must be ‘active’; this means the customer must actively show their consent by entering/editing a phone number or checking a box.

Take note that, as a business, it’s your responsibility to store customer opt-ins and to ensure each customer you choose to contact has already agreed to receive messages from you on WhatsApp. There is no opt-in needed if you’re only planning to answer customer inquiries.

ℹ️ Check Opt-In Best Practices here.

Add credits to your tyntec account

To get started in your WhatsApp journey, simply make a payment to enjoy all the functionalities of your new WhatsApp Business account. This will act as a credit for your upcoming invoice. There are still no fees due until you start sending your first message. 

You can still make use of your 1,500 complimentary test messages even after your account is verified! 

Once you’ve exhausted all test messages, you’ll have to make your first payment to keep using your WhatsApp account.

You can easily add credits to your account on the tyntec dashboard:

  1. Log in to your tyntec account
  2. Go to Finance and then Online Payments for your first payment, related to the pricing package you have chosen in Subscriptions during your onboarding process.  
  3. Our Billing Team will confirm your first payment. You can get your live API key to start messaging on WhatsApp.

ℹ️ Please note that we do not collect money automatically. Fees are only due when you’ve exchanged messages in a given month.

After the first payment 

You will receive your monthly invoice by the 10th day of the month related to the previous month’s charges. There are two ways on how you can pay your invoice: 

  • Prepayment: Continue to add credits to your account on the tyntec dashboard. These will act as credit for your upcoming invoices. 
  • Post-payment: Pay online via credit card or bank transfer (bank transfer details are always included in your invoice).

✉️ In case anything is unclear about payments, please contact our Billing Team at billing@tyntec.com