Message Templates

WhatsApp Message Templates are standardized messages that businesses can send to customers, ranging from appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolutions, payment updates, and more. Message templates can only be sent to customers who have opted-in and have to be approved by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Message Templates are useful for several reasons:

  • Helps companies abide by WhatsApp’s guidelines and policies, as templates are pre-approved.
  • Improves the level of customer service offered through WhatsApp.
  • Ensures messages sent by all teams are on-brand. 
  • Utilizes automation for a more convenient and efficient way to scale larger communication systems.
  • Provides personalization options with variables (or placeholders), used with unique values, such as first name, customer number, order number, etc. 
  • Offers additional information over media content (images, files, videos, etc.) and interactive by call-to-action and quick-reply buttons with media message templates. 

Non-transactional notifications

WhatsApp has introduced non-transactional notifications, allowing companies to send more types of proactive notifications to people that opt-in to receive them. Initially rolled out in selected countries, now non-transactional messages are available globally.

With non-transactional messages, businesses can send the following types of messages:

  • Product recommendations related to a customer’s previous purchases
  • Helpful informational alerts
  • Relevant offers
  • Reminders to book an appointment
  • Proactive outreach for top-ups and plan renewals 
  • Product back-in-stock reminders 
  • Cart abandonment reminders.  

Sending non-transactional notifications also requires an active opt-in.

ℹ️ Businesses that have an approved country as the country setting in the Facebook Business Manager will be able to submit and send non-transactional notifications. No additional integration is needed or changes to the message template submission process. 

Businesses must choose one of the categories for templates when submitting a non-transactional template, such as the “alert update” category. 

Templates will still go through a review process to ensure there are no Commerce or Business policy violations, and the formatting is correct.

Message Template Examples

Here are a couple of Message Template examples, submitted with variables for deeper personalization.

Fulfilling orders

Once an order has been made, the customer is sent a WhatsApp notification to confirm purchasing details.

Hi {{1}}. Thank you for shopping with us. Your order of {{2}} is now confirmed at a cost of {{3}} and with an expected delivery date of {{4}}. Check the status of your order at {{5}}


Delivering purchases

Updates can also be sent via the messaging platform to keep the customer informed at all times as well as present them with options for making any last-minute changes:

Good news, {{1}}! Your order of {{2}} is on its way with the delivery date of {{3}} between the hours of {{4}} and {{5}}. If you would like to select another time or date, reply with 'Change Time'. If you would like to change your purchase, reply with 'Change Order'.


Building loyalty

You can use WhatsApp message templates to communicate loyalty points and membership updates.

Hi {{1}}, we've upgraded you to our VIP program because you are a regular customer. Head to the {{2}} page to check out all the great benefits or view our FAQ by clicking here.


Non-transactional notifications (available for selected countries*)

For selected countries, non-transactional notifications can be approved, including product recommendations, relevant offers, reminders to book an appointment, and more.

Hi {{1}}, you’re eligible for a new line of credit for your business banking account with Best Bank. If you’re interested, please reply back to this message and we’ll schedule time for one of our agents to discuss with you. 


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