Conversations Inbox | Features | Overview

The Conversations Inbox offers a variety of basic features that help your customer support agents to be more productive and to enhance response times. Advanced features like automations, chatbots, and CRM integrations can be enabled as well, depending on the systems you intend to use.


Omnichannel Inbox



Our Conversations Inbox solution combines the ability for your agents to manage incoming and outgoing messages across channels in one place. All you have to do is set up your channels and onboard your customer support agents. This allows your business to manage & prioritize incoming conversations quicker and more efficiently.


Onboard your customer service team to Conversations Inbox. There’s no limit to how many agents you can invite to the platform.

add agent1 5

ℹ️Learn how to invite your team members as agents in this tutorial.


Create your own teams to organize your customer service by departments, skill-based, location, or pretty much any other differentiation. Teams can also be assigned specific channels, so you can organize your teams by region or country. This makes your Conversations Inbox a tool suitable for global roll-outs in a matter of minutes.



add teams 1 2

ℹ️ Learn more about Teams in this tutorial.

Internal Chat

Conversations Inbox also comes with an internal chat, so your teams can talk to each other without having to use a 3rd party chat tool. Helping team members to ask for expertise information and share difficult cases to one another leverages team collaboration and speeds up your support response times.

internal chat 2

Conversation history



Access all conversations you’ve had with a customer in one inbox. Conversations are stored depending on your configured data retention period. This makes it easy to check for previous conversations with a customer for a more personalized experience.


You can also:


    • Delete the conversation history directly on the contact’s profile



Agent-to-Agent handover

Conversations can be assigned from one agent to another across teams easily, without your customer noticing. Agents can assign a customer to an expert in your team or someone who is available to help your customer more easily. This makes issue resolution quicker and reduces friction towards your customers.

step9.1 2

Agent-to-Team handover

You can also assign conversations to a different team. That means, once a conversation is assigned to a team, it will be displayed on the team’s general Inbox. An agent from the team can be assigned to the conversation as well.

assign team 2

Agent Routing

Once a conversation is assigned to an agent, he/she will see the conversation in their personal queue until the conversation is closed or assigned to a different agent / chatbot. 

Intelligent Routing

Messages can be routed by different criteria. For example – if configured –, new incoming messages can be routed directly to the right team.

Agent Notifications

Notifications are an easy way for each of your agents to stay informed when new messages come in. Conversations Inbox can inform an agent via browser push and email notifications.

Contact Management



New contacts are automatically stored in your Conversations Inbox. Your support agents can add notes, customer reference numbers or email addresses to complement a contact profile. This makes it easy to identify and handle a conversation for your agents.


Contact information can also be integrated in your CRM and would be subject to the Data Retention time frame that you define for information storage.

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Analytics are currently available as an API, but soon the Conversations Inbox will provide a dashboard showing message volumes and initial response times. Advanced analytics and KPI tracking are possible on a custom basis and can be set up according to your needs.

✉️ Do you need specific analytics on your Conversations Inbox account? Get in touch with support@tyntec.com to discuss your requirements.


Agent Inbox

New conversations are automatically sorted into the general inbox for your team. When a support agent from a team picks a new conversation, it is automatically assigned to their personal inbox. This optimizes the flow for new conversations and makes it easy for your agents to find their active conversations. Once a conversation ends, your agent can either close the conversation or assign it to a different team, team member, or an assistant like a chatbot.

Inbox Management

Conversations Inbox comes by default with different inboxes that help your team organize new, current and previous conversations. 

  • General Inbox for all new incoming conversations 
  • Agent Inbox for conversations that are assigned to a support agent
  • Open Inbox for conversations that are already assigned to all support agents in a team
  • Automated Inbox to monitor conversations between your chatbot and a customer 
  • Closed Inbox for all closed conversations.

Conversations can easily be assigned from one agent to another, even across teams.

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ℹ️ Check our Conversations Management tutorial for more information.

Rich Media

Conversations Inbox offers a variety of digital channels with a large set of message & content types.

For WhatsApp, Conversations Inbox enables all content types.

Message Templates



You can start conversations with your customers on the Conversations Inbox using WhatsApp message templates.


First, create message templates for WhatsApp with our Message Template Manager in minutes.


Once approved, your message template will be automatically integrated into your Conversations Inbox account. You can access your message templates by clicking on the square icon located at the text field. There, you can choose the message template that best suits the conversation.

step11 4


Enable your support agents to search for conversations, customers, or phone numbers. You can also add references like a customer ID to a contact, which can be synced with your CRM.


Each agent can save contacts to their personal favorites list. This allows an agent to find & access important conversations quicker.

You can add favorites directly on the contact profile. Once you’ve done this, the favorite list is displayed under Contacts / People.

favorites 4


Business Hour Auto-Replies

When a customer gets in contact outside of your business hours, you can send an auto-reply to let them know that your team is out of the office and the inquiry will be processed during business hours only.

business hours 0 4

To manage peak-time demand, you can also configure an automated greeting message during business hours. Business hour auto-replies can be configured per channel.

automated messages 2 0 2

Quick Replies

Some customer questions can be answered quicker with a standardized reply. Our Quick Replies feature enables your business to create standardized messages that can be personalized with variables, like your customers’ first name, to handle replies. This makes sure your agents can just pick and choose the right quick reply template, reducing issue resolution time.  

For WhatsApp you can also use Message Templates as quick replies.

step11 5

Quick replies can easily be created under your Settings.

create quick reply 2


You can create labels yourself within the Conversations Inbox. Typically, labels are used to identify a conversation either by priority or type, e.g. technical support. 

You decide which labels you want to create. We recommend for most businesses to create at least one label for managing conversations by priority. Those will then appear on top of your inbox thread.

using labels 4 4

You can easily create labels under Settings.

create labels 4

Conversations Inbox API

Our Conversations Inbox API allows you to integrate your 3rd party CRM, Chatbot, Ticketing, CDM platforms.

ℹ️ Check the Conversations Inbox API here.

CRM Integrations

The Conversations Inbox can be integrated with your CRM system to sync contact data and conversations between the two systems, allowing you to fetch and push contact data from and to your CRM. You can also use the option to push transcripts of closed conversations to your CRM.

Security & Compliance

Security & Privacy

Conversations Inbox comes by default with features & privacy regulations that make it GDPR compliant. Certain functions can only be configured and triggered through your administrators.

ℹ️ Check more information about security and GDPR here.

ℹ️ If you’re using WhatsApp, check our security documentation here.

Data Retention

Data is stored by default only for 90 days, after which it gets automatically deleted from our servers. The data retention period can be adapted to your business needs.

✉️ If you wish to change the data retention time, please get in touch with us on support@tyntec.com.

Contact Deletion

To ensure compliance with GDPR, you can also delete a contact from the system directly. Here is how: 

  1. Open the conversation
    Open the conversation to see the contact profile data on the right side of your screen.


  2. Delete the contact
    To delete the contact, open the ‘More’ menu in the top right corner and select ‘Delete’. 

favorites 5

3. You can choose to delete only the message history, or delete the contact completely.

delete contact right 2

SSO (Single Sign-On)

The Conversations Inbox comes by default without SSO enabled. If your business requires SSO, this can be enabled on an individual basis, depending on your requirements.

✉️ Please get in touch with us on support@tyntec.com to discuss your requirements first.