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Handling conversations with Conversations Inbox is a breeze. The Conversations Inbox allows for 2-way messaging on different channels in one inbox. Customers can get in touch or you can initiate a conversation.  

All new conversations land in your ‘Inbox’, which is visible to all your support agents. An agent just needs to pick a conversation and reply to it.

Agent Inbox
Once a support agent has replied to a conversation, it is automatically assigned to the agent’s inbox, which is called ‘Yours’. Here an agent can find all current conversations that are assigned to him. 

Open Inbox
All agents from a team can access the ‘Open’ inbox to check which conversations are currently happening. This allows each of your team members to jump into a conversation and pick it, if needed. 

Automated Inbox
Monitor all ongoing conversations between your chatbot(s) and customers. An agent can always check to see if an intervention by the agent is needed. 

Closed Inbox

Here you find all conversations that were either actively closed by one of your support agents or automatically closed by your chatbot.

Reply to a conversation

It is easy to reply to any kind of conversation. Simply open the conversation and enter your message in the input field at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘Send’ to send the message to your customer.

The Conversations Inbox can also send emojis to make conversations between your support team and customers feel more natural and personal. Click on the emoji on the left of the input field to open the emoji menu. Select the emoji and complete your message.

Depending on the channel you reply on, you can also send attachments, like recorded audio messages, PDFs, and more. Just select the ‘paper-clip’ icon inside the input field to upload a file. 

Quick Replies
You can also select a previously created Quick Reply [link to quick replies topic] to answer in a conversation. Select the Quick Reply icon or type a backslash ‘/’ to open the quick reply menu. Select the quick reply you want to send.