Conversations Inbox | Channels | Facebook Messenger

Connecting Facebook Messenger with your Conversations Inbox just takes minutes to set up. Follow the steps below to connect your Facebook Business account and start talking to customers on Facebook Messenger.

In order to complete the configuration for your Conversations Inbox, you will need administrative access to your Facebook Business account and Conversations Inbox. 

  1. Navigate to ‘Channels’ in your Conversations Inbox, and open it
  2. Select the orange ‘Add’ button on the top
  3. Choose ‘Facebook Messenger’, then click ‘Connect’ and follow the instructions to connect your businesses Facebook Messenger account with Conversations Inbox
  4. After successful pairing, your new channel will appear in the channel list

Troubleshoot-help: if the window to connect your Facebook Messenger account doesn’t appear, check if you have allowed pop-up’s for your browser.