Conversations Inbox | Security & Privacy | Data Retention

The default data retention period of your Conversations Inbox is 90 days. It can be configured per channel to meet the standards your business needs to meet in certain countries.

By default, messages are automatically deleted if they are older than 90 days. This ensures that data is only stored as long as it is necessary. Older messages from a conversation are therefore only shown as long as they are within the data retention period. If there are no new messages between your business and an end-user for more than 90 days, the contact gets automatically deleted from Conversations Inbox as well.


Contacts that were uploaded via a contact list will not be deleted after the end of your data retention period. Those contacts can be deleted manually from the contact list.

Change the data retention period

If your business requires a different data retention period that is less or more than 90 days, please get in touch with us at support@tyntec.com. The data retention period can be configured per channel, so let us know to which channel each data retention period applies to.