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Notifications are an easy way for each of your team members to be informed if a new message comes in or another agent / assistant assigned a conversation to the agent. Conversations Inbox offers browser-based notifications, as well as email notifications.

Browser Push Notifications

Each one of your agents can allow or disable notifications from their browser on an individual basis. Depending on the browser you use, you will be asked after your first login to allow or disable these notifications. You can always go back to your browser page settings to configure browser notifications.


Browser notifications can only be activated if your browser supports this feature. Please check this table for more details.

Email Notifications

Conversations Inbox also offers email notifications, in case an agent is offline. To enable email notifications, please get in touch with us at support@tyntec.com

Silence Notifications

If you wish to disable notifications temporarily, you can click the bell in the top left of your screen. Just click the bell icon one more time to enable notifications again.