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The Conversations Inbox can be integrated with your CRM system to sync contact data and conversations between the two systems, allowing you to fetch and push contact data from and to your CRM. You can also use the option to push transcripts of closed conversations to your CRM.

Custom integration for other CRMs


We can also provide a custom integration to other CRM systems, incl. proprietary ones, to:


    • Retrieve information from your CRM to the Conversations Inbox, making sure agents can see relevant contact information on the Conversations Inbox


    • Push conversations on the Conversations Inbox to your CRM system.


Companies can also sync information both ways, which is possible by exchanging API endpoints.

✉️There are many CRM systems out there and for each a custom integration will deem necessary. To make sure the CRM integration is according to your needs, please contact us at support@tyntec.com.