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Connecting your Google Business Messages as a channel with Conversations Inbox is easy. Follow the steps below to connect Google Business Messages and start talking to customers on Google Business Messages.

Google Business Messages

Google now allows customers to start talking to businesses directly from within Google Maps, Search, and brand websites, without having to install any additional apps for Android. Users just need to tap the chat icon which shows in your business card details to initiate the chat.

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Get started

In order to complete the configuration for your Conversations Inbox, you will need administrative access to your Google Business account and Conversations Inbox.

  1. Collect your business information
    1. Company name
    2. Point of contact (POC) | Name + email address
    3. Company logo (1024 x 1024 px) 
    4. If you want to associate a certain team with one of your locations, please let us know the addresses for each of your locations on GoogleMaps and to which teams they shall be connected
  2. Send an email with the information to support@tyntec.com 
  3. tyntec initiates the onboarding process for Google Business Messages
  4. Your point of contact will receive two emails from Google
    1. One email contains a 6-digit code 
    2. One email includes instructions on how to activate Google Business Messages with the 6-digit code