Conversations Inbox | Setup

Customer support doesn’t need to be complicated. Use tyntec’s simple and powerful omnichannel Conversations Inbox to manage conversations in one place.

Just follow the instructions below to get started with your inbox.


    1. Sign-up with tyntec
      Sign-up with tyntec to create your personal tyntec account.


    1. Conversations Inbox setup
      Once you’ve finished setting up your tyntec account, head over to Conversations Inbox free trial and fill out the free trial form. With the free trial, you get WhatsApp + Conversations Inbox for 30 days, with 1,500 complimentary messages included.


    1. Conversations Inbox configuration
      Once your WhatsApp onboarding has been finalized, you will receive an email with a personalized link to your Conversations Inbox setup. Follow the link from the email and fill out the form.


    1. Activate Conversations Inbox
      It takes between 1–2 business days until your Conversations Inbox is activated. You will receive a link via email to activate your admin account.


    1. Login to your Conversations Inbox
      To login to your Conversations Inbox, go to https://cmd.tyntec.com/login/signin